Friday, August 7, 2009

One Year Ago...

Today's date is pretty interesting - 07.08.09. I was wondering how many people remember what they were doing on this same day exactly a year ago. As for me, 07.08.08 was a very memorable & special day that I guess I wouldn't forget for the rest of my life. This was the day when I embarked on my 50 hours looooong journey all alone to the other side of the world...from KL-Singapore-Tokyo-LosAngeles-Denver, and finally Huntsville. It marked the beginning of my wonderful UGRAD experience in the US! :)

Sometimes, I don't feel like one year had actually passed by. I can still vividly remember everything that I'd experienced a year ago. It makes me both happy and sad reminiscing all those memories.

16 June 2009: Rachel, Joshua, & I met up with YeongRu (Mississippi), Alan(Alabama), & EngHwa(Wisconsin) at Swensen's.
All the best guys!! :)

This Fall, another new batch of UGRADers are gonna embark on their journey to the States and coincidently, one of them will also be going to UAH. Few of us 'old' UGRADers (me, bro, YuHan, & Rachel) met up with them in June and we talked about our experiences, gave them some advice, and shared some interesting stories. We can totally understand how anxious and excited they are coz we were in the same position a year ago. Last year, we had nobody to ask all these questions. They are lucky this year coz at least we 'seniors' could share more information and help to avoid them from going through unnecessary troubles like what we experienced. Feels like we are their 'mentors' huh...pui pui pui!! :p

When it comes to sharing our UGRAD experiences in the US...we can go on and on and on for hours...and get all excited about it no matter how many times we've talked about the same stories...hehe!! We can't turn back time and go back to the past, but talking about it gives us an opportunity to indulge in our sweet memories.

I'm looking forward to hear from Alan (M'sia) and Jaime (El Salvador) about their UGRAD experiences in UAH. Go Chargers!! I'm sure they're gonna have a wonderful year ahead! :)

Alright...enough of day-dreaming here...time for me to get back to reality and STUDY!!! :(

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shuling said...

Sometimes i feel like all about US was just a dream, i still feel unreal.
tat was a wonderful time for all of us.