Saturday, May 1, 2010

Some Thoughts Worth Sharing...

I've been spending the past week not in the mood to start studying yet!! So what have I been doing lately? Randomly watched some movies..."The Blind Side", "If Only", and "Ice Kacang Puppy Love". I'm not a fan of movies but these 3 happened to be pretty nice and meaningful.

I've also been doing some reading...oh's been quite some time since I read a book (apart from text books). Borrowed this book "Tuesdays with Morrie" from big bro earlier this semester but never had time to read. Now that exam is over, finally have time to sit down and read something...feels good! =) I strongly recommend this book to those who're interested in self-enriching and learning more about living a meaningful life. I've shared some meaningful quotes below that is worth putting some thoughts into...

"So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they’re busy doing things they think are important. This is because they’re chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning."

"We’re so wrapped up with egotistical things, career, family, having enough money, meeting the mortgage, getting a new car, fixing the radiator when it breaks – we’re involved in trillions of little acts just to keep going. So we don’t get into the habit of standing back and looking at our lives and saying, Is this all? Is this all I want? Is something missing?"

"Do you take care of others or take care of your ‘inner child’? Return to traditional values or reject tradition as useless? Seek success or seek simplicity? Just Say No or Just Do It?"

"As you grow old, you learn more. If you stayed at twenty-two, you'd always be as ignorant as you were at twenty-two. Aging is not just decay, you know. It's growth. It's more than the negative that you're going to die, its also the positive that you understand you're going to die, and that you live a better life because of it."

"Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live."

"Do you know how our culture brainwash people? They repeat something over and over. And that’s what we do in this country. Owning things is good. More money is good. More property is good. More commercialism is good. More is good. More is good. We repeat it – and have it repeated to us – over and over until nobody bothers to even think otherwise. The average person is so fogged up by all this; he has no perspective on what’s really important anymore."

"Wherever I went in my life, I met people wanting to gobble up something new. Gobble up a new car. Gobble up a new piece of property. Gobble up the latest toy. And then they wanted to tell you about it. ‘Guess what I got? Guess what I got?’"

"If you’re trying to show off for people at the top, forget it. They will look down at you anyhow. And if you’re trying to show off for people at the bottom, forget it. They will only envy you. Status will get you nowhere. Only an open heart will allow you to float equally between everyone."

"Everyone is in such a hurry. People haven’t found meaning in their lives, so they’re running all the time looking for it. They think the next car, the next house, the next job. Then they find those things are empty, too, and they keep running. Once you start running, it’s hard to slow yourself down."

"The biggest defect we human beings have is our shortsightedness. We don’t see what we could be. We should be looking at our potential, stretching ourselves into everything we can become. But if you’re surrounded by people who say ‘I want mine now’, you end up with a few people with everything and a military to keep the poor ones from rising up and stealing it."

"The truth is, you don't get satisfaction from those things. You know what really gives you satisfaction? ...Offering others what you have to give."

"Invest in the human family. Invest in people. Build a little community of those you love and who love you."

"Death ends a life, not a relationship."

Another book that I read recently, Jerry Yan's "9314 Man & Boy". Yup...I was freakin' crazy to buy this book for RM80+ from Kinokuniya (i'm blaming bro for this)...and I'm so gonna get scolded by mom...whoops! :p But honestly, this book is pretty interesting...mentioned about being grateful and cherishing all the good things that we've received in life...well I'm bias..haha!

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