Wednesday, April 28, 2010

UGRAD Gives Back

April 24 (Sat): English Enrichment Program @ Compassion Charity Home
In conjunction with the Global Youth Service Day, UGRAD alumni together with the YES alumni visited this orphanage in Subang to spend an afternoon with the kids. It's been awhile since the last time I volunteered and I've been thinking about getting involved in community service since I came back from the States. Coincidently, I found out that YES was organizing this English Enrichment Program on the weekend right after my final exams, so bro & I decided to volunteer & help out. I've not had any experiences visiting an orphanage so I was quite excited about it and it was definitely a good learning opportunity.

The charity home...looked very new & spacious!

Using our creativity to introduce ourselves...obviously I'm not good in this...haha!! :p

Mingling with the kids

Started off by introducing ourselves

The kids' turn to introduce themselves

Chatting with the teenagers while the other kids were working on their 'masterpiece'

Straws & marshmallows 'american'...haha!

There were some more activities after this but I don't have the pics in my camera. Bro & I conducted a 'country' game for the upper secondary students. They were asked to list the countries' name from A-Z, then identify the flags for each countries. It was funny when they were competing to guess the flags. Will share more pics here when others upload 'em.

BBQ pot luck for dinner. Bro & I made something 'american' as well...Potato Salad. Learned this from Donna. Spent the whole morning making this...glad that it turned out pretty good! =)

Overall, I think this English Enrichment Program was a success. Perhaps not as great as we expected but it was a pretty good experience considering that this was our first time doing this kind of activities. It was indeed a great learning opportunity for us and I'm sure it'll help us in our future community projects. It also feels great to share some laughters with the kids and see them having a good time.

"Happiness is not so much in having. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

Many of us tend to take good things in our lives for granted...especially when it comes to family. Most of us don't stop to think what would happen if we lost our loved ones one day. Sometimes, we need to stop for a moment and look back at what we've missed in life. We're lucky to have a family who loves what Deanna shared on fb..."Appreciate what you have because there are people out there without it". Remember, everyday is an opportunity to make things better, live life without regrets!

"Life's short...treasure your loved ones, do something special, give 'em a surprise, thank 'em for what they have done for you and...say I LOVE YOU...before it's too late!!"

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