Friday, April 9, 2010

Case Study Challenge Finale

April 3 (Sat): UM-CIMB Intervarsity Case Study Challenge Grand Finale
I knowww...I'm supposed to be studying now but here I am again...distracted with everything else apart from my notes....blahh!! Another quick update of my 'busy' schedule lately...still more updates to come but perhaps I'll update the rest after exams.

This case study challenge had been going on since end of January. For the 1st round, our team submitted an executive summary...then we got into the semi-finals where 10 teams went for a site visit at Kuala Gula. We were then asked to prepare a powerpoint presentation for the 2nd round whereby 3 finalists will be selected to present our proposals in the finals. So after all the effort, sleepless nights, & pekchek-ness...I managed to complete the slides...and woolala...our team was selected as 1 of the final 3 teams!! TC & I presented during the finale...only 20 min + 10 min of Q&A by the judges...and yeah...we emerged as the 1st runner-up!! =) At least got some 'compensation' for all the hardwork that we've put in for the last 2 months...kudos to all of us!!

Reached UM at 7.30am (as required)...and ended up jaga pintu coz others were late. =.=

Team WLC (TAR College) - Me, SzeSze, HengFai, TsuChong

During the competition...bro took vid instead of pic during our team's presentation so no pic here. Top right: UM (Versatile) Bottom left: Metropolitan (Quintessential)

Our 'super' cheerleaders....the TRIPOD! Appreciate y'all for the support!

Yay...2nd place with our RM2000 'cheque'! Not bad!

Good job guys!! =)

Thanks also to bro for coming all the way to support...and also helped me a lotttt from the beginning! :p

With UM Biz Club Committees


~Live Life~ said...



"Some will win...some will lose..."

Just do your best and appreciate every moment!

Jaime Montoya said...

Congratulations. You are a UGRAD student success story! And this is just the beginning. said...

Thanks Jaime! I'm sure you'll go back to ur country with more great things awaiting for u to accomplish! =)

Jaime Montoya said...

Yeah I have high dreams too, but you are impressive!