Sunday, March 28, 2010

2010 IVAQ Malacca

March 26-27 (Fri-Sat): MMU Intervarsity Accounting Quiz @ Malacca
2nd outstation trip for the month. Just came back from Malacca last night...were there for 1.5 days for this event. Our college sent 2 teams & 2 individuals for the quiz this year. 13 of us traveled all the way to Malacca on Friday evening and spent a night there. As usual, I was the one with the camera so took lotsa pics throughout this trip...not many pics of myself though.

Arrived at about 9pm bcoz of the terrible traffic in KL. =.=

Headed to town immediately after dropping our bags. Jalan-jalan & makan at Jonker Street.

Nice old buildings. 'TANG' house!!

Had our dinner/supper at this 'old school' place...reminds me of greatgrandma's old house.

Nyonya Laksa, Asam Laksa, Durian Cendol & Cendol

First time visiting this place at night...the night view was pretty.

The energetic bunch...still sightseeing at 11pm.

Continued our sightseeing tour until midnight

Arrived MMU for the competition

Preliminary round for individual & team categories...50 questions in 30 minutes.

More group photos while waiting for the next round

Unexpectedly, I got into the finals for individual category!! =) 6 of us got onto the stage for the Q&A. Looks pretty scary huh! We were required to LISTEN to the questions read by the quizmaster, then press the buzzer to answer. Correct answer will be given 10 marks, wrong answer deduct 5 marks. Honestly, I wasn't even expecting to get into the I was actually quite blur the whole time when I was on stage. Not nervous...juz blur...haha!! And I'm not good in listening to questions & answering immediately at the time I understood the question...others pressed their buzzer already. I managed to answer one question out of the 10...and I didn't even know what I was talking about! Juz simply crap something about siasui...hehe! I was still blur even when I left the the time I managed to think clearly, I only realized that I actually stood a good chance of winning but I blew it bcoz I didn't pay attention to the points allocation. I could have tried answering the last question coz I had nothing to lose anyway even if I answered wrongly...all my own fault...haha! :p If based on points...I actually ranked 4th...but who cares..haha...most importantly...I had my share of fun up there! =)

Individual category finals...I was sooo blurrr!!

Our of our teams got into the 2nd round but too bad didn't manage to get through to the finals bcoz of an Accounting Information System question...this quiz depends a lot on luck also.

More funny pics after the competition...

Tsu Chong brought us to this Nyonya restaurant for dinner

Yummy-licious Nyonya food...knew some of these food from the series Little Nyonya. Ayam ponteh, chap chai, otak-otak, ikan lemak, omelette chincalok, petai, ladies finger.

Ended our short Malacca trip with a glimpse of Eye of Malaysia.

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