Sunday, March 14, 2010

Imma Bee...Imma BZB...'s March already! Time for some quick updates. Been pretty busy lately...this entire month is filled with loads of activities...wheeww! That's why I modified BEP's song as my title for this post...haha...'imma bee imma bee imma busy bee'!! I'm definitely cherishing my last 2 months of college life to the fullest as it gets closer to graduation. In fact, I actually enjoy keeping myself busy with all these different may be a lil' stressful at times but it's better than juz studying all the time...I need some color (and pics) in my life!! =)

So what's keeping me busy...apart from the usual classes and tutorials, we had several ASSignments for 2 subjects this final semester (Moral and Financial Decision Making)'s so time consuming lar! Good thing is, we're almost done with all of 'em...only one more presentation to go. I'm also taking part in the UM Intervarsity case study challenge...worked on a case study for an NGO. Our team made it to the 2nd round so we were required to go for a 3d2n site visit...went for 'camping' in Kuala Gula...more updates coming soon...too many things to update bout this 'interesting' trip. :p Will also travel down to Malacca end of this month for MMU Intervarsity Accounting Quiz. Besides all these, off my 'to-do' checklist this week...make travel arrangement for UK and attend briefing by the SHU ang mohs. Some other things that I've been doing will be 'illustrated' below...hehe! :p

2 March 2010: Malaysian Exchange Program Alumni Dinner at Royale Chulan Hotel
Was invited to this dinner by Mr Nicholas Papp & Ms Anni Bel from the US Embassy to honor the State Alumni Member of the Month-Faisal Hassan. I had no idea whoelse were attending this dinner until I got there. Alumni leaders from several exchange programs were invited and it was our pleasure to represent the Global UGRAD Alumni. All of us shared our exchange experiences in the US and discussed opportunites to strengthen alumni programs in the coming year. It was definitely an awesome opportunity meeting all of 'em. Look forward to work with YES alumni in future community projects. =)

Nice hotel! =)

Nice presentation of the food...but so 'chun' I don't eat these 3 types of fruits...hehe!

Congratulations Faisal!

Jalan-jalan around the hotel

7 March 2010: Sheffield Hallam University Graduation Ceremony at OneWorld Hotel
Yuki invited me coz her parents couldn't attend this convo. It was good coz I finally met up with few of my ex-coursemates. Haven't seen most of them since I left the course 2 yrs ago. The whole convo proceedings was a lil' boring I observed the parents instead. During his speech, Dr Ong Ka Ting switched to mandarin to thank all the parents for giving their children the opportunity to study overseas...well said indeed. In fact, we're all very lucky coz our parents realizes the importance of education and work so hard all their life juz to see their children graduate from university. Being an audience this time allowed me to looking at things from a different perspective. You see the faces of these proud parents glimmering when their child goes on stage to receive their scrolls. I'm sure that few seconds means so much to them. The graduates are usually the ones who get all the limelight in this occasion but in fact, this should be a day to honor all the parents. =)

It was definitely a mini-Tar in SHU laz yr...can't imagine how big that 'mini'-Tar is gonna get this year...eww!

10 March 2010: Alumni Dinner at Kelantan Delights
Following our first meeting at Royale Chulan Hotel, Mr Juhaidi (Humphrey Alumni) invited few of us from the UGRAD & YES alumni to his restaurant for another follow-up discussion. The dishes were very unique indeed...good food with good company! =)

Some of the Kelantan Delicacies

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