Thursday, March 25, 2010

飞轮海 Fahrenheit in Malaysia!!

20 March 2010: 飞轮海《想入飞飞》演唱会DVD签售会 + Canon Ixus Promo at Tropicana City Mall

Woohoo...Fahrenheit came to M'sia again!! Despite my busy schedule this month, this was something I wouldn't wanna crazy can I be right? Drove all the way alone to PJ last Saturday morning to 'see' them for few hours. The event was supposed to start at 11am but I decided to go earlier to get a good spot. Left home at lost on the way & wasted 15 minutes turning rounds in PJ...finally reached Tropicana at 9.45am. Found myself a good spot near the stage...stood there waiting while reading thru my Zubinos presentation. The guys were late coz WuChun was sick...finally after much anticipation...they arrived at 12pm. All 4 of them looked GREATTT...can't stop taking pics & vids...they promoted Canon Ixus for awhile then started the autograph session. I waited for 1 more hour till they finished the autograph session...took more pics till they left. Yup..crazy me..that's pretty much all I did...stood & took pictures. But it was all worth the effort, seeing these 4 leng zai made my week...especially WuChun...haha! =)

People mountain people sea...look at all those cameras!

*Click* on the photos for larger & clearer pics.
4 of 'em were busy taking pictures too!

WuChun!!!!! Entao entao!!!! =)

Autograph Session

Video clips that I took during the event

I've been a fan of WuChun since 2007...ohh...didn't realize that I've been 'crazy' for 3 years already...haha! I've been to almost all his events in M'sia apart from Fahrenheit's concert last year & when he came over recently for '14 Blades' premier. Well...I know it may sound stupid doing all these but these little things can really make me happy. Everyone has their own way of being happy...and for me, this is also one of the things that I enjoy doing. And I'm not just attracted by his appearance...I've also learned a great deal through his blog. A quick recap of my 'crazy' deeds...

My poster with their autographs

(ii) 24 Sept 2007: 完美中秋之夜演唱会 @ Bukit Jalil National Stadium

(iii) 7 March 2008: Romantic Princess Promo

I won the contest but was working so 'forced' bro to go on my behalf...haha! He was the only guy!

The DVD I won with 4 of their autographs


~LiYinism~ said...

Khao shing u are stil as crazy as ever over wu zhun!!!!
Where r u now let's meet tonight!!! said...

Oh yeah...the flame is still burning...haha!! And I'm envy u got to see the other 3 so close that day!!! We'll hav to find a day to meet up...lots to catch up.