Sunday, April 10, 2011

End of A Chapter

Feb 26-27 (Sat-Sun): Sheffield Hallam University Convocation
Yes I know...this is another long overdue post. Not really in the mood to blog lately...which is definitely not a good sign at all. =.= sucks you dry till you have no life! ( rhymes). Aight back to topic, my family and I traveled down to KL over the weekend to attend my convo. This is the 2nd convo that I've attended and it marks an official end to my study life after 18 years (well at least for now). Glad that this chapter ended on a good note, managed to get first class for BA(Hons) in Accounting & Finance but don't think it matters after all. So here's a short update of my undergrad convo at One World Hotel. 

Thanks to aunt and cuz for hosting us in KL. =)

Some pics before the ceremony. Thanks bros for the flowers and the graduation pics! =)

Look at the amount of graduates...majority are the dragon babies! =.= Totally chaotic...I gave up looking for my friends coz everyone looked the same in that robe!

Alright...let's get the ceremony started. And then you start to wait, and wait, and wait...

After waiting and being bored for more than an hour...finally it's my turn! And everything's over in 10 seconds. =.=

Quickly snap few pics on the stage while all the kiasu people were busy fighting for food outside the hall and before everyone else block the stage. :p

Desperately needed to get away from the crowd so we decided to take our family pics outdoor. =)

Didn't take any pics with my friends coz it was too chaotic but at least managed to get one with Ms G. Thanks for crossing my path and helping me so much since 2007...really appreciate everything! =)

Had yummylicious lunch at Pasta Zanmai before heading back to Penang. =)

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