Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Usher in the Dragon Year!

Seems like we just welcomed the new year not too long it's time of the year again to welcome Chinese New Year! As compared to last year, work is not as hectic this time around and I also managed to do most of my new year shopping in Shanghai. =) CNY falls on Mon and Tues this year, and we were asked to take 2 days off work (to avoid charging time on the job)...kinda waste of my leave. :P Even though I had 2 extra days of holiday, I was on cny-lazy-mode...stayed home most of the time and enjoyed being a homebody. 

This CNY, I also offered to host an exchange student (Thea) from Germany and share how we celebrate this 'ang ang' festive season in Malaysia. Main reason I volunteered to host was because I was fortunate enough to receive warm hospitality when I was an exchange student in the States and I would like to take this opportunity to give back by doing my small part in sharing our Malaysian hospitality. =) This is the 2nd consecutive year that we've hosted 'ang moh' for cny, let's see if this trend continues next year...haha!! :p

Pre-CNY 'lou sang' with Dell team on the last day of work before the holidays.

Jan 21 (Sat): Georgetown Heritage Tour

Brought Thea for a walking tour around Georgetown Heritage zone. Thanks to the hot weather...we almost got barbequed. :p

Jan 22 (Sun): Chinese New Year's Eve 除夕夜

Reunion dinner with the family at Vistana hotel. Pretty good that we had a room for ourselves. This year's reunion dinner treat was on 4 of us who are already working. =)

Chinese New Year = feasting season (we eat all day and night) :p

Group picture with all sorts of combination. :p This year we're missing 2 in UK and one in Taiwan.

Once in a year...of course gotta take more pictures. :p

Was supposed to stay home and play mahjong after the dinner but we ended up somewhere else. =.=

Jan 23 (Mon): First Day of CNY 大年初一

Usual routine...paternal relatives gather at 姑妈's house for lunch. Last year we were all wearing England jerseys that I got from UK, this year we're all in traditional clothes that I got from Shanghai...hahaha! :p

All paternal relatives at our house...this year only one cousin absent. It's pretty interesting to see the exact same kinda group picture year after year. :p

Continuing with my task as a host...quick detour to Batu Feringghi.

Last stop for the first day...grandaunt's house.

Jan 24 (Tues): 2nd Day of CNY 大年初二

House-hopped to 6 houses.

Ended the day with a yummy dinner treat by aunt. =)

Jan 25 (Wed): 3rd Day of CNY 大年初三

Aunt's lunch treat with free lion dance. =) Told ya...CNY is all about eating! :p

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