Friday, February 3, 2012


This post is absolutely random. I was too bored so started browsing around Yahoo!Travel to day-dream for some travel! Keeping my passion alive okay. :P Anyway, going through the many lists of "World's-Most/Best" reminds me of how fortunate I am to have had the opportunities to step foot in so many amazing places...incredible gratitude. =)

World's Best Cities - Most Dynamic Vacation-Worthy Places

1.Bangkok  2.Florence  3.Rome  4.New York  5.Istanbul  6.Cape Town  7.Siem Reap  8.Sydney  9.Barcelona  10.Paris  (7/10)

World's Most-Visited Tourist Attractions - Embrace The Wisdom of Crowds

1.Times Square(NYC)  2.Central Park(NYC)  3.Union Station(DC)  4.Las Vegas Strip  5.Niagara Falls  6.Grand Central Terminal(NYC)  7.Quincy Market(Boston)  8.Disneyworld(Orlando)  9.Disneyland(California)  10.Grand Bazaar(Istanbul)  (9/10) 

1.Statue of Liberty  2.Empire State Building  3.Golden Gate Bridge  4.Eiffel Tower  5.Big Ben  6.Colosseum  7.Millenium Park Chicago  8.St. Peter's Basilica  9.Swiss Re Building London  10.The High Line NYC  (8/10)

World's Best Airlines - Life's A Journey, Not A Destination

1.Singapore Airlines  2.Emirates  3.Etihad  4.Air New Zealand  5.Virgin America  6.Virgin Atlantic 7.Cathay Pacific  8.All Nippon Airways  9.Korean Air  10.Thai Airways  (4/10)


Beh Wei Chean said...

u triumph la! been to so many cool places in the world!

Diana Diane Teo said...

So envy with you that you managed went and visited so many cities and places. Hopefully someday I will too *cross fingers*..Hahaha

Hunter said...

I read this article while my bus tours around new york, and really like it and will share it with others.