Saturday, July 7, 2012

Journey to the Amazing Race 冲刺之旅 - Part 1

Some of you may be wondering, what's the Amazing Race China Rush? Most people heard about the US version of the Amazing Race and also The Amazing Race Asia but have never heard about China Rush. This is absolutely understandable coz it was only aired in China and only season 1 of China Rush was aired on NTV7 last year (which I didn't know until I googled). 

So what's the similarity or differences between China Rush and the US version? China Rush is one of the franchise of The Amazing Race. International Channel of Shanghai (ICS) acquired the copyrights from Disney-ABC to reproduce the Chinese version of this race. Basically, the race is pretty much similar to the US version but instead of racing around the world, China Rush races across various cities in China. Unlike the other versions of Amazing Race, China Rush is open to foreigners and not just restricted to Chinese citizens. Aight, I'm not gonna go into details about the race here coz everything is on!! =P

As to how I found out about this show, I don't really remember. I think I was trying to find out about Amazing Race Asia coz we wanted to audition for it back in 2010 but due to studies, we didn't apply for it and unfortunately, the show stopped its production after that season. Then I stumbled upon Allan Wu's website and he was talking about this Amazing Race China Rush which he was hosting. And so I googled, watched the entire season 2 on youtube and loved it. If any of my friends remembered, I posted a status update on fb back in Sept 2011 and I was just an audience at that time. What an irony huh! 

Then in Dec 2011, the casting for the 3rd season of China Rush was announced...

...and we decided to give it a try this time around. Honestly, we didn't really put much expectation on being selected coz we didn't know what kinda contestants they were looking for and we didn't even know if we were qualified as Malaysians. But no harm trying, never try, never know. After all, life's meant to be an adventure isn't it?

We knew that we wouldn't be able to make it for the open audition in Shanghai so we opted for video application. So when bro came back from KL for Christmas, we took a day to shoot our video, a day for me to edit it, and a day to upload on youku. Luckily I was done with work before Christmas so had more time to work on these. We managed to get everything done in time and submitted our applications before I flew off to Shanghai for work on Dec 28. Here's our application video that we uploaded on (youku loads much slower outside China so I've shared this on fb).

Then...what happened next??? 
Our "Journey to the Amazing Race" story will be continued in the next post...stay tuned!! =P

Let me clarify, being on Amazing Race China Rush has absolutely nothing to do with us winning the AXN Big Challenge last year. We actually went through the entire application & audition process like everybody else and we were just really lucky to be chosen as one of the contestants for this third season. 

Pardon me for my long story. Being on The Amazing Race is like a dream come true for me and it's definitely a once-in-a-lifetime journey that I wanna treasure for the rest of my life. So I'm trying to document every little thing about this journey before it fades out of my memory, and this blog is where I'll be sharing all about this AMAZING journey!! =)


有些人可能会想,怎么我这个大马人会知道这个节目,而且还千里迢迢去到中国参加这个比赛?其实我是偶然在吴振天的部落格上看到他分享关于第二季的拍摄,然后就上网搜索冲刺中国第二季的视频 (因为第二季没在大马播出)。就这样在去年九月追看了十二集后,超爱了这个节目。老实说,这个节目让我发现原来中国有这么多美丽的地方!虽然之前有机会到过几个不同的国家,可是还没真正走过中国。





Chen Chow said...

Congrats for getting into the China Rush!!! Good Luck!!!

Khai Shing said...

Thanks Chen Chow!!! =)

x i n l i n said...

wan hao lian winning AXN Big Challenge lagi :p

Khai Shing said...

Not hao lian okay...really got ppl will think that we join this race bcoz we won AXN. Just clarifying nia ok. =P