Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Amazing Race China Rush 3 Opening Sequence

After much anticipation, the opening sequence for the brand new season of China Rush is finally released on July 16!! =D I was actually quite surprised when I saw this clip on weibo coz I didn't expect it to be released so early. I'm sure all of us contestants were the most excited ones to see this clip and have a first glimpse of how we appear on video. =P I know...everything flashed by a lil' too fast in this clip so keep your eyes open to spot us...haha!! Even though we appeared for only about 2 seconds in the clip, words can't describe how excited we were to see ourselves in this title sequence with the background music!! We've watched so many seasons of Amazing Race and seeing ourselves in it now feels so surreal and AMAZING!!!

万众瞩目的《冲刺!中国》第三季片头新鲜出炉啦!真是千呼万唤始出来啊!! 看了这么多季的极速前进,熟悉的音乐,熟悉的片头,但这次自己却有机会参与其中,真是难以置信、感动、激动、热血沸腾啊!! 眼尖的你们能不能从短短的片头里找到我们呢? 也顺便猜猜我们这一季到底去了那些地方呢? 还有大概一个月就要开播了,大家一起期待第三季的首播吧!!

Bringing Malaysian element all the way to China and into the Amazing Race!! 

Rocking our 'Penang Island' t-shirts...oh yeah!! We're pretty patriotic huh...introduced both Malaysia & Penang within 2!!! 

This was where we shot our opening sequence, spot the yellow flowers. =) If I remember correctly, this place was HongQiao Park. Both of us had absolutely no clue of where we were going, we just hopped into ICS's car and followed our contestant handler, Yating. =P 

If you noticed in the 2nd pic, you're probably wondering why was bro carrying a luggage in the park...haha!! We were asked to bring all our outfits that we've brought for the race for the director to look through and choose which one we should wear for the opening sequence. 

It was kinda awkward wearing kebaya and batik walking around a park in China, we definitely caught quite a lot of attention in the park. People were probably wondering what were we shooting. It was pretty cool though to have directors, professional cameraman, lighting and sound set up. Pardon me for my sam-patness...this was my first time being involved in the production of a TV show la...very excited okay. =P

Our traditional outfit scene looks nice in front of the mini waterfall but it was quite funny shooting this. We had to stand on the rock path on the water to do our dance/pose over and over again, and if any of us slipped, we would be soaked. We had to repeat our dance moves quite a lot of times to get the best shot but we enjoyed the entire experience. It really ain't easy producing a reality show like Amazing Race...hats off to the production team of China Rush for their awesome work. Kudos!

Does this look familiar?

These were taken after our photoshoot session. I'm glad we wore these for the photoshoot...turned out great!! =P 


Unknown said...

Hi there, Khai Shing! I just wanted to tell you that I've been keeping up with your posts and I love reading about your adventures! Totally impressed!
~Kathleen (OIPS)

Khai Shing said...

Hey Kathleen!! Great to hear from you!! =) Thanks!!! I'm also very excited to document and share this journey...can't wait till it starts airing on TV!!!

zeeyyy said...

Selamat Hari Raya from a fellow M'sian... & auditor...

Will be cheering for u & ur bro. Cheers!

zeeyyy said...

Selamat Hari Raya from a fellow M'sian... & auditor...

Will be cheering for u & ur bro. Cheers!