Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Little Appreciation Goes A Long Way!! blog is getting boring. Not a good sign coz that means I haven't been doing anything interesting lately. =.= My blog is a good reminder to keep my life interesting. I mentioned in my last post that we were finally done with our big project but right after a very short break, we had to crank up our engine again for another round roller-coaster. Initially I thought March wouldn't be as bad as February but it seems like I was even busier in March. I guess I'll still be sitting on this roller-coaster for the next 2 months. Hopefully I'll get a good break in June. =P 

March 28 (Thurs): D-team dinner at Il Bacaro, Campbell House. This is our boss's favorite restaurant+hotel so it didn't surprise us that he chose this restaurant for our team appreciation dinner. =) I missed the dinner last year coz I was 'hiding out' in China this time last year. time flies huh!!

Yummylicious 6-course fine dine Venetian treat + good wine & champagne to wrap up a year of hard work. =)

A little appreciation goes a long way!! =)

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