Saturday, January 11, 2014

D' December with Daniel

After returning from our mini-moon in KL, we were left with only 20 days before the wedding day. This is Daniel's 3rd trip to Penang and he's pretty much done with all the sightseeing in Penang already so we could focus solely on wedding prep this time around. Glad that we got to spend some busy but quality time together for the entire 3 weeks. =)

If you haven't noticed, I prefer to blog things chronologically but since my photos are all over the place, here's a summary of our 3 weeks in Penang:
Dec 7 (Sat): Flew back to Penang from KL.
Dec 8 (Sun): Daniel's suit fitting for the photo shoot.
Dec 10 (Tues): Pre-wedding photo shoot at the studio, Peranakan Museum & Blue Mansion.
Dec 11 (Wed): Went to various government offices for marriage registration procedures. 
Dec 12 (Thurs): Met up with the band to discuss about the wedding dinner itinerary.
Dec 13 (Fri): Pre-wedding photo shoot part 2 at Bukit Panchor State Park & photo selection for wedding album.
Dec 19 (Thurs): Daniel's family (Donny, Donna & Anna) arrived from the US.
Dec 20 (Fri): Lunch with our families at Nandos and had seafood dinner at Tambun.
Dec 21 (Sat): His family checked-in to The Cove condo at Tanjung Bungah.
Dec 22 (Sun): Cycling tour around Georgetown with Donna, Anna, big bro, SIL & bro.
Dec 23 (Mon): Marriage registration ceremony at the National Registration Dept office.
Dec 24 (Tues): Final round of spring cleaning at Tambun to prepare for the wedding.
Dec 26 (Thurs): Kedar (his best man) arrived from Bombay. Sheng brought 'em around Pg.
Dec 27 (Fri): Test run wedding slideshow at the restaurant, attached wedding car ribbon and collected our gowns and suits from the bridal house.
Dec 28 (Sat): The BIG day. I'll save this for another post.
Dec 29 (Sun): Brought Lou and DingDing (who flew all the way from Shanghai to attend our wedding) for sightseeing around Penang. 
Dec 30 (Mon): Time to say goodbye to him and his family.

Conclusion, I put aside my job as an auditor and turned into a wedding planner, driver, tour guide, model, slideshow producer and bride for the month of December 2013. =P 

Coming to Penang means food, food, and more food. =P

His favorite treat in Malaysia...$0.30 McD sundae cone. =)

Groceries shopping may be ordinary but we only get to do it together once a year.

Perfect example of how Asian sized bed don't fit Americans. =P

Crazy boy trying to look cool in these female!!

Arrival of his family. Donny and Anna's first trip to Asia. 

Seafood galore at Tambun. Bro brilliantly ordered octopus to give them some 'exotic' experience.

They rented this condo at The Cove...'atas' place by the beach with good facilities and a lot of expats.

忙里偷闲...utilized the condo's facilities to sweat it out.

Cyling tour around Georgetown.

His buddy, Kedar, purposely flew over from US and Bombay to attend our wedding. It was great having him around, thanks man!! =)

They were very excited to try the 'Prosperity'!!

The tourists trying out the very 'fresh' coconut drink.

The fiance helping out with some house chores to prep for the wedding day. He even helped me to prepare the props for the games...hahaha!! =P

Time to say goodbye and back to LDR for again. =( Some people asked me where are we going for our honeymoon but unfortunately we had no time for it coz he had to fly back 2 days after the wedding and we both had to get back to work after taking off for one month. 

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