Friday, January 31, 2014

23.12.2013 R.O.M.

I'm seriously lagging behind with my wedding posts...just got the wedding day photos last week and that means I've got lots more to blog about. =P Before that, here's a quick update of our marriage registration ceremony on 23 December 2013 (P.S. Daniel...please rmb this date). =P

After completing all the tedious procedures that I've blogged about previously, we went back to JPN on the date that we've selected to get hitched legally. We're done the troublesome part so this last part was simple and quick. We're glad that everything worked out smoothly and we managed to complete our solemnization of marriage with the presence of both our families...perfect!! =)

Started by taking the oath and all we had to say was...'YES', 'NO', and 'YES, I DO'...told ya it's simple!! & I wore pretty authentic Malaysian+Chinese outfit. =P

Then sign the papers.

Lastly, exchange our rings and we're DONE!! =)

Officially Mr & Mrs Clements...hahaha!!

And a group photo to wrap it up!! =D

"Today, two lives and two families come together as one. We put aside our differences and celebrate love. You both showed us that when two people are meant for each other, no distance is too far and no time is too long. Congratulations to my dear brother and sister - Daniel and Khai Shing! May you both have a blessed marriage and wonderful times ahead." ~ Khai Sheng 

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