Saturday, January 10, 2015

Homebodies' New Year!

Happy 'belated' New Year!! Lagging a lil' behind with my weekly updates coz I was busy editing our honeymoon video during the holidays last week. Now that the holidays are over, busy season at work have officially started this week so I guess this blog will be kinda boring for the next 2 months (not like it's very interesting now either). =P 

Dec 29 (Mon): Post-Christmas shopping! Thanks for the gift cards from Grandma Lucille. =) Got myself some work clothes, Daniel's jacket for our upcoming adventures, and also glass containers for our meals. We really put those containers into good use. =)

Dec 30 (Tues): Chiak-ba-sio-eng during the holidays and decided to try making Bibimbap for the week. Just randomly used whatever ingredients we had...minced meat, celery, carrots, mushrooms, egg, seaweed and of course rice. I didn't have gochujang for the sauce so replaced it with miso soup that we bought from Atlanta instead. Not bad huh! *slap* :P

Signed up for membership at UAH fitness center to motivate myself to exercise. :P I used to cycle here quite frequently when I was studying here and it's good to be back. Hubby's company has a very good corporate rate here and $20/month is really not bad at all coz I can use all the facilities and attend the classes here. Been to few yoga classes so far. 

Jan 1 (Thurs): Spent New Year's Eve being lazy chilling at home all day, no countdown, no celebration, but I did stream the countdown concert in Taipei in the morning. =P Went to the parents' on New Year's day...jaccuzzied, helped MIL to make Asian food for dinner, and watched football. As you can see, I was more interested in taking selfie with the doogies instead of watching football...haha!!

Jan 4 (Sun): Spent almost 5 hours on my last day of holiday prepping lunch and dinner for the week. The menu for the week was rice rolls (for me)/potato salad + sandwich (for him) for lunch, and roasted chicken + stir fried veggies + rice for dinner. Making the rice rolls was really time consuming and I guess I'll stop making it for awhile. =P

There's only one word to describe the weather this week...COLDDD!! Besides, the sun sets at 4.30pm so by the time I got off work around 7.30pm, it was dark and cold. I took this photo of the full moon one evening and sent it to my friend in M'sia complaining about the cold and her response was funny asking if I was crazy watching the moon at 0°!! I shouldn't be complaining coz I used to cycle to my evening classes in this weather last time.

Jan 9 (Fri): TGIF date night at Ruby Tuesday to 'reward' ourselves after one busy work week. =)

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