Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Goodbye 2014...Hello 2015!

Counting down one day before we bid goodbye to 2014 and it's time to do a quick recap of the past year. I didn't really like FB's Year In Review feature (no offense but I feel it's for lazy people) and I still prefer to stick to my 'style' of doing a recap of the past year on my blog, something that I've been doing since 2007. OMG...can't believe I've been doing this for 8 years!! 

Anyway, 2014 has been quite an eventful year with a mix of good and not-so-good times. Not-so-good mainly because we had too many hospital runs this year, from Royal Melbourne, to LGL, to Pantai, to GH, then LWE. It has definitely been a challenging year for our family but I'm optimistic that things will turn better in 2015. I choose to keep only the good memories and leave the not-so-good ones behind so here's a quick recap of some of the good moments in the past year.

Jan-Feb: Hubby and his family returned to the States shortly after the wedding while I returned to work after taking a whole month off. Work was busy as usual but I can't complain coz I had good bosses and team mates who filled in for me while I was away.  

March: Bridesmaid for my best friend's wedding and had the opportunity to catch up with college buddies in Penang.

April: Traveled to Sydney and Melbourne for 10 days with the family. Overall, it was quite a good trip despite mom's accident causing her to extend her stay in Australia.

May: 2nd trip of the year...2-weeks honeymoon trip with hubby to Norway and Sweden. This trip was a mentally relaxing, physically challenging one but it was probably one of the best road trip that we've ever been on and definitely a very memorable honeymoon. Norway's natural beauty took our breath away. 

September: 3rd trip of the year...8-days cycling trip to Jeju & Busan with bro and his gf. This cycling trip was filled with challenges along our way but I'm proud of what we've accomplished and this trip was definitely a memorable and awesome adventure.

October: Was busy finishing up my work before my last work day while dealing with all the paperwork for my resignation and relocation. 3 years & 11 months...and I count my blessings for this great chapter. 

November: Time to say goodbye to my family and start a new chapter with hubby.

December: Started work at my new workplace...still the same company but in a new country, new office. It's another learning curve but hopefully not a steep one. Good luck to myself and all the best in 2015!! Looking forward to a better year ahead!! =)

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