Saturday, December 13, 2014

Start of Another Chapter

1-3 Dec 2014: Experienced New Hires Orientation in Atlanta
My first day of work was 1 December 2014 and my first 'assignment' was to travel to Atlanta for a 3-day orientation for experienced new hires from all over US. Pretty exciting!! The company definitely made me feel very welcome even before I arrived. =)

Majority of the people flew to Atlanta and I guess I was the only one who had to drive to ATL coz it's too near to fly from Alabama. :P The company got me a rental car for a week to drive to Atlanta for this orientation. Worked out perfect for us coz I needed to practice driving on the other side of the road but I still couldn't drive our own car coz I haven't got an Alabama driver's license. Picked up this Chevrolet Impala from the car rental company at Huntsville airport on Sunday and drove around a bit to familiarize myself with the roads here. And of course, I made a few turns into the wrong side of the road...hahaha!! 

We started our journey super early at 5.30am the next morning coz we were told to arrive by 11am. The journey to Atlanta took 4 hours (almost like the distance between Penang and KL) but the sucky thing is we lost 1 hour driving from Central time to Eastern time. The drive wasn't bad at all coz I was driving on the highway for most of our journey and was able to use autocruise, just gotta make sure that I overtake on the left side instead. :P

The orientation was held at the Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel, which was 'strategically' located right by the world's busiest airport. Too bad my room didn't have a view of the airport. :P

All the activities throughout the 3 days were in the hotel, most of them in this ballroom.

Received my work laptop, iphone and freebies!! I'm lovin' it!! =D

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