Sunday, December 14, 2014

Settling Into a New Routine

Settling into new life and new job had been so far so good. My SS card finally arrived on Tuesday (exactly 2 weeks after I submitted my application) and I've managed to get a bank account opened, got my reimbursement & direct deposit set up, took my written test for driver's license, and got my name onto the car insurance...all done within this week. It seems like the only big thing left to do is to take the road test. Work has also been great so far coz I've been assigned to a job in Huntsville which I started since last Friday and will be based here at least until the end of February. Definitely turned out way better than I expected coz I thought I would have to travel back and forth for the first few weeks. So yeah, 3rd week since I got here and finally managed to settle down and get into a routine.

Right after returning from Atlanta, I drove to Birmingham coz I had to go to the office on Thursday while hubby went back to Huntsville. It was nice of Erin to let me crash at their house for one night. Drove myself to work next morning (totally relied on GPS of course) and was given an office tour. They just moved into this new office few months ago so everything was nice and new!! 

My first day in the office started off pretty rough with some issues with my laptop so I ended up spending more than half a day standing in front of the help desk while the tech guy helped to fix the problem. It's just weird coz for the past 4 years I've never had any issues with my work laptop...tough luck! But fortunately, the tech guy was very helpful and made sure that my laptop was fixed by the end of the day coz I was supposed to be working in Huntsville the next day. Met the HR and my managers, and went for lunch with some new colleagues...everybody was nice. =) After a relatively unproductive first day of work, I drove 1.5 hours back to Huntsville...kinda paranoid driving alone at places that I wasn't familiar with but glad I made it home safe and!!

My work place in Huntsville...pretty good view huh!! Let me reiterate, Alabama has so much land!! :P For the past week, I've been carpooling with hubby to work coz I still couldn't drive without a license and his workplace is right by mine's. It's great that our workplace are near to each other's but I've been getting to work at 7am all week coz he loves being an early bird. =.= 

After being constantly on the go for the past 2 weeks, it's good to finally have some time to go grocery shopping 'spree' and start cooking. Managed to buy some Asian food (e.g. roasted seaweed, oyster sauce, sesame oil, instant coffee) when we were in Atlanta. Now I regret not stocking up more Asian food when we were there. =.= Btw, you won't believe how much we got all those Pringles for. Nope not $5 for 5, but $5.75 for all!! Best of all, they won't expire until 2016 so I might as well buy more now. I know it's unhealthy but I love!!

Now that I have to start making my own meals (and cooking is really time consuming), I've fixed a cooking schedule. I spent few hours of my Sunday prepping and making food for the week's lunch and dinner. Last week's dinner menu was 'Chickuteh' + steamed veggies + rice + chinese tea. And since eating out if kinda pricey here, I've been bringing lunch (potato salad + ham sandwich or rice rolls) to work. =P

For those who know me well enough, I only cooked (simple food) when I was studying in KL and UK. For the past few years, I've been very lucky to have grandma and grandaunt fixing my meals. So I'm pretty proud of myself to be able to make these decent (and pretty healthy) meals without burning down the kitchen...hahaha!! I've just finished fixing lunch and dinner for the coming week and my goodness, I just spent my whole Sunday afternoon in the kitchen!! =.= Fortunately, hubby helps with the cleaning. :P

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