Friday, December 12, 2014

A New Beginning

After 6 years since I first arrived; 2.5 years since my last visit; 11 months since we got married; 38 hours of traveling, I'm finally back in Huntsville once again...for good. Ain't easy getting out of my comfort zone and leaving what I've accomplished over the past few years to move to a brand new place and start a brand new life. But on the bright side, it's not all new coz I've lived here before, I have another half of my family here, and I'll still be working for the same company. 

24 Nov 2014 (Mon): Hubby was already waiting at the airport when I landed at Huntsville around 4pm. It's late autumn and getting cold here but fortunately the temperature wasn't too crazily cold on my first week here.

First thing first was to unpack my 4 luggages (made a mess in the house) and ironed all my work clothes. =P Glad that I got here one week earlier before I start work, giving me some time to get over jet lag and settle in.

25 Nov 2014 (Tues): MIL brought me to the SS office to get my SS done coz you can't do anything without a SS over here. Spent a good 2 hours waiting for my turn, well I guess government offices are the same everywhere...slow and!!

26 Nov 2014 (Wed): Arrived here just in time for Thanksgiving holiday. Great time to hang out with the families and enjoy all the good food. =) Visited Grandma Lucille and FIL (for the first time) and was given a treat to a sumptuous Thanksgiving dinner.

27 Nov 2014 (Thurs): Thanksgiving food marathon continued at the parent's house. Notice the batik table cloth, place mats and chinese tea set from M'sia. :P

28 Nov 2014 (Fri): What's the day after Thanksgiving? Black Friday Shopping!!! Initially I didn't plan to squeeze with the crowd but since I needed some new clothes and winter outfit, hubby agreed to accompany me to a departmental store on Friday morning to shop for some jeans, boots, and trench coat. Surprisingly it wasn't crowded when we were there. And I didn't go too crazy with my shopping. :P

Met up with FIL and Anna to watch Interstellar on Black Friday and got movie+lunch treat at Five Guys.

Went over to the parent's place on Saturday to watch the Iron Bowl and put up the Christmas tree. I know football is a big thing here but I couldn't help dozing off in the middle of the game...I'm blaming it on jetlag...haha!!

So yeah, I was constantly on the go for my first week here and still had a lot of 'admin' matters (open a bank account, take tests for driver license, get insurance, etc.) to take care of after the holidays. Didn't get much rest but managed to spend some quality time with the families before I travel to Atlanta for my orientation on Monday.

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