Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

It's half way through my 1.5 week break and I've been enjoying it so far (no more holidays for the next 6 months so I've gotta enjoy this to the max). I've got quite a few things on my to-do list during this break but I've been slacking too much, and I'm blaming it on 2 dramas. :P The first half of this break has been filled with family visits, food, and presents coz it's Christmas!! The last time I celebrated Christmas in the States was 6 years ago so this wasn't all new for me. :P As I mentioned before, I got here just in time for the 2 biggest holiday season - Thanksgiving & Christmas so it worked out perfect. =)

Hubby and MIL has been spending Christmas in Malaysia for the past 2 years (2012 proposal trip & 2013 wedding trip) so MIL organized a party at their house this year to celebrate with the family and friends here. :) 

21 December 2014 (Sun): Christmas party at the parent's house. There were almost 20 people at the party and apart from eating & chatting, we also played the 'right/left' game to exchange gifts. =)

Pot luck means lotsa food!! It was like 2nd round of Thanksgiving...hehe!!

Lotsa Christmas decos at almost every corner of the parent's house...very festive indeed! We helped to put up and decorate the Christmas tree but that's pretty much all we helped...whoops!

After many gloomy and rainy days, it was finally sunny on Christmas day! Can't get enough of the beautiful skies!!

Even though I mentioned in my previous post that I've had to go through a lot of troublesome procedures for this relocation (eg. taking a driving test) but I've been really lucky that hubby and his family helped out a lot to ease my transition here. The parents was very thoughtful and generous to give us SIL's Mazda so we didn't have to worry about getting me a new car. I love used car (if you know me well enough you'll know what I mean)...hehe! I'm also lucky that I didn't have to worry about getting expensive auto insurance for not having any driving history here coz hubby took care of that. :P

25 Dec 2014 (Thurs): Christmas day with the family. =)

Our presents!!! Thanks MIL, FIL & SIL for the awesome and practical presents!! =)

26 Dec 2014 (Fri): Christmas at Grandma Lucille's...more good food and presents! =)

27 Dec 2014 (Sat): Christmas at Paw Paw's..one last round of good food and presents! =)

Wrapping up this post with some cute Christmas decos.

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