Monday, September 7, 2015

August Garden Updates

As mentioned in my previous garden update, we've been working on planting broccolis for the fall and here's an update on the progress. Good news...most of them are still alive! =) 

July 20 (day 30): The transplanted plants are still growing taller (not stronger) so I thought about using stirrers as supports. 

July 30 (day 40): Even though the plants were growing way too tall for the plastic cups and most of them are losing support again, we were hesitant on moving them outdoor into ground yet coz we felt that the outdoor temperature was still too hot for the plants. To acclimatize the plants for the hotter temperature, we decided to move them out to our shaded back porch. 

Aug 5: These are the 2nd batch of broccolis that I planted on Jul 2...they are growing so well, so pretty. =)

Finally, time to move the plants to the ground. Most of the plants that we planted in Spring are done harvesting so we took everything out and hubby tillered the entire area. Hubby and Donny prepped the soil by adding a whole lot of compost and sand few days before. 

Aug 9 (day 50): We planted a total of approximately 63! Donny helped to water the plants with sprinkler every evening but we were lucky coz it rained quite a good bit after we moved them. Hubby also helped tiller and water the plants while I was away on work trip.

Sept 4 (day 76): Went over to the garden last weekend after 3 weeks and was surprised by the rapid growth of the plants! Happy that most of them survive and are growing so well!

So many watermelons! I think we had around 20 this year.

These watermelons are really huge, heavy, and sweet! To be honest, I've never seen such big and heavy watermelon...look at how much watermelon we had just from one! 

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