Sunday, September 27, 2015

September Garden Updates

September is ending soon and unfortunately, it's been a pretty dull month with not much going on apart from WORK. =.= October is gonna be a busy month of work, study, and play, but I should have more interesting stuffs to blog about. So before I go on another round of hiatus, here's this month's garden updates, broccoli updates to be specific. =)

Previous 'milestone' updates:

Sept 12 (day 84): I was surprised how much the leafs had grown within just a week! We were very lucky with our timing coz it rained good the week after we planted them outside, and since then it has been growing fast! I'm sure a lot of people (like me) eat broccoli all the time but never knew how the plant actually looks here you go. =P

If you look closely at the left photo, you can see that some plants have 'disappeared' the right photo, coz some naughty animal has been eating our broccoli leafs!! All these happened within 2 days and the parents called us in the middle of the week telling us that we need to go over and 'rescue' these poor plants. 

Project of the day...went to Lowe's, bought some materials and started building fence around our garden. Of course, both of us wouldn't have been able to do all these without the parent's help. As I mentioned before we are gardening rookies...haha!

Taadaa....after 2 hours of hardwork....our garden is now safeguarded! Naughty rabbit, don't you dare come eat our broccoli again!! =P

Sept 27 (day 99): Looked like the fence successfully stopped whichever naughty animal from eating our broccoli, and those poor ones that were eaten up earlier are also growing back so that's good news. It's been more than 3 months since we started planting these and we're finally spotting some small broccoli heads growing! =) One of the plant is badly attacked by worms but hopefully this issue is only confined to this one plant.

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