Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Shopping November

This has been a very productive week for my blog, 10 posts within a week after a 2-month hiatus...haha! I'm such a seasonal blogger. =P November flew by just like that and it's already the last month of the year. After returning from the New York, I spent the rest of the month studying for CPA, work, did some Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping, and finished the itinerary for our upcoming Europe trip.

Studying for exam = no fun, no life. It's annoying having to work during the day and spend whatever extra time I've got studying. This paper wasn't easy either coz US Tax was something new for me. I just wanted to pass and get it over with.

Checked my results during the transit in Frankfurt and was more than happy that I passed! 2 down, 2 more to go. I'm taking a break this month and work's gonna be crazy for the next 2 months so I'll probably resume my miserable study life only after next February. 

Perfect timing to finish my exam the day before Thanksgiving. I was able to focus on Black Friday shopping, good timing to get Christmas presents...haha! We did most of our shopping online and the only shop we went was Bath & Body Works at Bridge Street. Got some pretty good deals with the Buy 3 Free 3 offer. =)

My early Christmas present from Dad Rick. Got some warm clothings from Duluth in preparation for our Europe trip end of this month coz it's gonna be so cold!

Apparently, most of my shopping this year was from Uniqlo. I'm a cold body and I've been wanting to get some Heattech stuff from Uniqlo coz I heard they are real good. So I bought one undershirt from the store in New York, tried it out and liked it. Then I saw that Uniqlo had free shipping for all orders and $15 off for $100 for their Black Friday sales so I ended up buying a whole lot of stuffs from Uniqlo, including a couple of Heattech stuffs...very happy with the Christmas presents I got for myself. =) With all these Heattech outfits and Duluth's jacket, I'm officially ready for winter in Europe!! 

Merry 'Uniqlo' Christmas. Got most of the Christmas presents from Uniqlo...I'm promoting this Japanese brand to our family in the US. =P

The damage done for Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year...whoops! Bought most of these stuffs to bring back home to Malaysia with me and my luggages were as heavy as myself.

Also helped dad to buy this Cloudbook for mom's birthday.

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