Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tang Family is In Town

October was an exciting and busy month because the Tang family was in town...finally!!! =) They bought their flight tickets since February so we've been looking forward to this visit for quite a long time...haha! Haven't seen them for 10 months since I moved here last November so I was more than happy to spend some quality time with them! 

Apart from Sheng, this was their first time visiting Huntsville (and the South) and to check out this so-called 'kampung' part of the US. =P Ain't easy having all 6 of them travel all the way to the other side of the globe to visit me here so I'm thankful that they made this trip possible! Wished grandma and grandaunt could come as well but unfortunately the journey is way too long for them. 

Sept 26 (Sat): Hubby and I drove up to Nashville airport to pick up mom and dad who finally arrived after their rtw detour to London, Paris, and Iceland. :) 

Shopped and cooked to welcome the VIPs. 

Burrito bowl for dinner to welcome mom and dad to our home!

Goodies and angpao from Malaysia! Thanks mom and dad for lugging these half way around the world...haha! 

Sept 27 (Sun): Brought them for a tour around our workplace, the university, and met up with dad Rick and grandma Lucille for lunch at Donatos pizza.

No time for jet lag, continued our tour with a visit to the in-laws' house and of course gotta show them our garden. =) Too bad the broccolis weren't ready for harvest yet, they missed it by just a week. 

Shish kebab cookout for dinner...yums!! 

Dad had fun playing with the doggies...hehe! 

Sept 29 (Tues): Picked up the second couple from Birmingham as they arrived by bus after a detour to Jackson.

And the dinner table got more crowded and more 'Asian'...haha! 

Sept 30 (Wed): Thanks to Belinda for organizing this Malaysian & Singaporean gathering in Huntsville for my family. The last time I met them was 7 years ago so it was great to catch up again. =)  

Oct 1 (Thurs): Brought the larger crew to the in-laws' to meet up with Aunt Betty Jo and received this comfy quilt as our wedding present. =)

Pizza for dinner at Mellow Mushroom before picking up big bro and SIL from the airport that night. 

Picked up the last couple from Huntsville airport! Finally, the Tang crew have all arrived!!

One of the main agenda for this family visit was to attend our wedding reception for family and friends here in the US. The original plan was to have a pool party at the in-laws' but unfortunately, the weather was crappy all week and the weather forecast showed that i was gonna rain on the party day so we changed the plans and moved the party indoor. 

Oct 2 (Fri): We have the best families. They helped out with the preparation of our wedding in Malaysia, and now they helped again for the reception in the US. <3

Turning the basketball court into a banquet area with the help of our families.

Entertained ourselves with some games while working hard. =P

Fall/Autumn/Harvest was the theme of the decoration. 

The transformation after 5 hours of hard work. Well done everyone! 

Fall themed deco with some Malaysian elements.

Oct 3 (Sat): Reception day with the families!

Games and entertainments for the guests who came for the party. I was busy being the 'center of attention' so didn't take much photos...lol! Bro had most of the photos but I haven't got them yet. :P

Chillax time after the party. Crazy Sheng took the slide into the freezing pool but warmed up immediately in the hot tub. =P

Played with Dave's kiddos...such cutie pies! 

First time ever having so many people in our house...haha! I love it!

Oct 4 (Sun): Brought the crew around Huntsville for shopping and Chipotle on their last day in town. We were supposed to leave to Orlando the next morning but we had some drama the night before so we packed everything up and started our journey at 11pm the night before. The story will continue in the next post. 

GoPro wefies with the families!! <3

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