Friday, May 25, 2007

Down To KL~~A Brand New Start!!

Moving Down To KL, 24 May 2007

I'm now in KL already!! Came here yesterday coz bro had an exam this morning.
Hmm..this is the 1st time I'm leaving home to further my studies and itz definitely something very new to me. Started packing my things about a week ago and there seems to be lots of things to bring...and mum still wants me to bring this and that...our car was nearly FULL!! Well...I spent the entire morning loading all my stuffs into the car alone and oh gosh...itz so damn tiring coz I had to switch those stuffs here and there to fully utilize every single little space of the car... Instead, it was much more easier when we unloaded them and moved it to the room..luckily!! Will take a picture of our room after 3 of us have settled down and upload it when I update my blog the next time!!

Tomorrow, I'll be attending WuChun & Danson's fans gathering and go for the autograph session at Berjaya Times Square!! I'm looking forward to it!! They are so charming!! So excited about it~~!!

I'd better prepare myself for a new start this Monday coz itz gonna be a brand new environment here and I've gotta depend on myself lo...kinda nervous but luckily I've still got 2 buddies together with me..hope everything will be GREAT!!

Wow~~!! Luckily the tyre didn't puncture...hehe!!

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SongKeat said...

Wah! did u get wuchun pic? haha!! and u like wish that you tyre puncture iziit? haha!