Saturday, May 26, 2007

HanaKimi Fans Gathering and Promo Tour~~!!!

2.oopm, May 26, 14th Floor Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Bronx II Ballroom


Fans gathering...this is a bit blur...

Bro was too slow...only managed to capture the back of Danson while he was walking out from the ballroom.

See how packed it was??

This is my poster with their autographs...and my entrance pass.

HanaKimi Fans Gathering with WuChun & Danson was so AWESOME!!

Actually, I was supposed to reach the venue by 12.45pm but I left Setapak at 12.50pm...and the worst thing was was jammed and we wasn't really sure of how to reach there!! After hesitated for quite some time...bro and I decided to take the lrt and monorail...haih!! I was really late and was so afraid that i would be late for it coz we arrived at 1.40pm and basically...i juz ran all the way like crazy with my high heels~~!!!

I sat in the 4th row and there was altogether 50 fans and it was sort of like a press conference. Gary was the the 2 charming guys came in...he gave us some briefing...chose 6 fans to ask questions(I didn't have the chance)...asked us not to take photos...and we juz waited and waited and waited.....

Finally at 2.30pm...the moment that i've been waiting for...saw them coming in...seeing them so close was kinda unbelievable!! They are really CHARMING & HOT!! For the entire fans gathering session...they were very friendly and nice!! Wu Chun didn't forget to pose and say 'hi' to the fans who were taking his photo during the interview...i suppose he really 'electrify' many of us!!

1st of all, it started off with Gary interviewing both of them and asking some questions...both of them were cute and humourous!! After that, it was time for those lucky fans to ask both of them questions... The BEST part for me was when one of the fans asked Danson Tang Yu Zhe -- 'Watz Ur Impression About M'sian Girls?'...his answer was: 'laz nite when we went to 988 for the interview, the DJ let us hear some recordings of M'sian girls who called-in for a contest earlier on...and I realised that M'sian girls like to sing.' comes the exciting part...1st...he asked: 'Who r the ones who called-in for that contest?'.....then 10 of us sitting together raised up our hands....then the 2nd question: 'Who were the ones singing?'....then about 3 or 4 of us raised our hands....then the 3rd question: 'WHO WAS THE ONE SINGING THE ENGLISH SONG?'...and of course...I was the only one raising my hand...and I was also standing up at that time!! His response was like...Oohh...u're the one...and WuChun song!! I felt like I was at cloud nine at that time...coz I never xpected that he would ask about this at all... But i wasn't sure of how to response at that moment...haih...should have said something more!! Aarghh~~!! So...are you guys wondering what kind of song that i sung on air?? Haha...actually...I composed the song earlier on...just the melody without any lyrics....then i used 1 day to put in the lyrics coz in case i call-in for the contest...I would have something to say for the '表白'...and of chinese is I had to use english to fill in the lyrics... And I was lucky enough to be able to get through on the last night and I was suppose to 'biao bai' to Danson that night so...I just sang that song ON AIR~~OMG!! It would be even better if I could give this song to both of them...=.=

Okay...back to where we were juz now...after that...we took our turns to get the autographs of Chun and Danson on the posters and I was the laz 1...saw them so close in person and had the chance to shake both their hands!! Yeah~!! was time to take photo with them...we had 5 persons in a group for a when it was my turn...i stood right beside Wu Chun and it was GREAT!! I also passed him a card that I designed to guys must feel that I'm insane right??? Me too~~!!

The fans gathering ended at about 3.10pm and we were served Hi-Tea...but not many stayed back even though the food looks delicious!! Bro and I ate some...then went downstairs for the 签唱会. When we was already so packed and there wasn't anywhere which we could see the stage...imagine that...but we found a platform and bro was tall enough so he used the DV to capture the stage and i watched from the video screen...brilliant right?? Haha!! The 签唱会started very late and we left when they started to sign the autograph...

Well...I'm really happy and I really enjoyed myself a lot today...seeing WuChun so close in person...whatelse could i ask for?? I know that people will feel that I'm quite stupid to be a fan of someone who will never know who I am...but...I feel that life's short so...just enjoy every moment doesn't hold least I have something to look forward everyday and these small things really do lighten up my day...satisfaction and happiness...thatz what I get from them... Everyone has their own way of being happy...and right now...for me...this is something that can really put a smile on my face!!

Well...itz really a good ending for my 1 month's holiday!! Itz time to get back serious in my studies and keep striving for my advanced diploma!! College's starting in no time and I believe it would be great!! By the way, the results for my last semester of diploma might be released in about 2 weeks' time...i guess...and I really hope that I can graduate diploma with 4.0...God Bless!!


Joe-Lene said...

khaishing ah~ you are extremely super super lucky loh! hahaha.. so nice so nice so nice...!! can see wuchun and danson in person~ so siokkk! and u stood beside him when taking photo..and passed him a card..!! WOwowww.. when you get the pix from them, most post up ha.. i wanna seeeeee!! hehehee..

~LiYinism~ said...

YOH!!!!so lucky...and I LOVE THE SONG YOU COMPOSED!!!!

very niceeeeeeee~~!!

choonxuan said...

cool~ XD