Wednesday, December 12, 2007


2007 Inter-Campus Sports Carnival, 9 Dec 2007

My Gold Medals

It has been a year since I last participated in the Inter-Campus Sports Carnival swimming competition. Wow...really can't believe how time flies!! This year, I am in for the competition again but representing SBS, not Penang anymore.

Managed to win 2 gold medals for breastroke this time...same like last year. But I messed up my 50m butterfly...dropped my goggles...too bad!! :(

I spent my entire Sunday in the college...chatted with some friends from Penang...watched their competition...had dinner with them and threw my books aside even though I was gonna sit for my audit test on Tuesday. Thatz why I didn't do well for the test...Oh No!! :(

I really missed those days that I had last year and it was indeed a very memorable trip for me! Penang was the overall champion this year and I'm happy for them...what a waste coz I'm not in the team anymore!

Will upload more photos after I've received them...

Chinese version here: it out!!


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