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My table is constantly MESSY~!

SWIMMING GALA – 24 Nov 2007
I was back in Penang again just after 2 weeks! This is the 1st time that we drove back…just the 2 of us…bro and I…all the way from KL to Penang. It was a very short trip back for me and basically…I went back just for the Swimming Gala at CRC (Chinese Recreation Club).

I’ve already lost count of how many years we’ve been joining this event…can’t believe that I’ve been joining this since primary…never missed it every year…I guess it has been 10 years or more already. My cousin who used to be swimming in the children’s pool is already Form 3 already…Wow…just imagine how time flies!! I managed to win 2 shopping vouchers and 5 of us got lots of canned food and drinks for the ‘treasure hunt’!! That’s what we enjoyed most coz everyone gets something!! It was great that all 5 of us were able to join and have fun this year!! :)

SO UNLUCKY…Again?? – 18 Nov 2007

What an expensive dinner....

Went to aunt’s house on Sunday to meet up with brother to exchange car with him. Aunt was busy for the entire day so we just spent our whole afternoon doing our own stuff at the guestroom. But too bad…the power supply tripped so brother had to try to ‘repair’…cause aunt asked him to do so… What a waste of time!! Everytime I go to her house…there’s surely something that goes wrong… 1st time, the autogate spoilt…2nd time…the maid ‘ran away’…this time…power tripped!! Why so ‘sui’!!

Bro and I went for dinner at Mdm Kwan’s restaurant near Bangsar Village after that and both of us spent RM50 over for our dinner…OMG!!! So expensive!! Itz all bro’s fault!!! :p

H@PpY BirThD@Y MuMmY!! – 17 Nov 2007
It was mum’s birthday but we didn’t celebrate together cause mum and dad was in Beijing enjoying their holiday and I was in KL studying. I managed to sent them off at the airport before I came back to KL but I didn’t give mum any present as it was still early and I have been busy with my assignment most of the time when I was back in Penang. I’ve been working on this video for a few weeks even before I went back but didn’t manage to complete it on time.

This video is my ‘present’ for Mum this year. I used Backstreet Boys’ song – ‘The Perfect Fan’ to make this video clip. Mum has been asking me to make the video clip that I did for Dad’s Birthday into karaoke…so this time I purposely created another karaoke version for this video clip…and guess what…I played the video and forced brother to sing this song with me when we went for karaoke at CRC…Haha...we gave mum a surprise!! :)


It Takes A Lot To Know What Is Love
It's Not The Big Things But The Little Things
That Can Mean Enough

A Lot Of Prayers To Get Me Through
And There Is Never A Day That Passes By
I Don't Think Of You

You Were Always There For Me
Pushing Me And Guiding Me
Always To Succeed

*You Showed Me
When I Was Young Just How To Grow
You Showed Me
Everything That I Should Know
You Showed Me
Just How To Walk Without Your Hands
'cause Mom You Always Were
The Perfect Fan*

God Has Been So Good
Blessing Me With A Family
Who Did All They Could

And I've Had Many Years Of Grace
And It Flatters Me When I See
A Smile On Your Face

I Wanna Thank You For What You've Done
In Hopes I Can Give Back To You
And Be The Perfect Son


You Showed Me How To Love
You Showed Me How To Care
And You Showed Me That You Would
Always Be There
I Wanna Thank You For That Time
And I'm Proud To Say You're Mine



CGPA – 2 Nov 2007

My result slip :(

Finally, we’ve received our result slip for the last semester. No surprise…I’ve estimated roughly what I would get based on the grades that I’ve got earlier….3.85xx…. L One B+ and that’s what I got… A lil’ disappointed… Well…just accept the fact and work harder this semester lol!… Advance Diploma is definitely getting tougher and tougher and itz even harder to maintain good grades…especially under the NEW grading system!! Never give up…Keep fighting!!

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Anonymous said...

eerrmmm... pitty u...
i guess my situation changed after my last blog....
This time i was more lazy... tired of doing assignment... so part of it was done by them.... lucky.... Most of the time they looked for the information.... and i just typed some and combined it last...

susah right... u r tired but then u cant leave it undone too... so... terpaksa... u took it....

maybe u need to do as wat i did??? ha.. but be aware of the consequence... might be bad or might be good.... all the kesan... not easy....

And ur song... i know that song by BSB... i love tat song.... cant believe u rmb this song and used it.... bravo... 赞