Monday, June 23, 2008

5C1 Forever!!

5C1 Buddies Gathering @ Old Town, Autocity, 21 June 2008

It has been 4 years since we left high school...can't believe how time flies!! Many of us in 5C1 had taken different routes and went in different directions. This trip back, I managed to meet up with 7 of them even though it was quite a last minute arrangement.

This year...2008!!!

It was great to meet up and chat with them after such a long time. Yong Shi came back from UK for summer holidays; Shu Ling came back from Singapore; Ying Hui, Nen Sin and Pei Leng still in UM; Shu Fen & Zoe in USM. There were so much to talk about and 3 hours were definitely not enough to catch up so many things!! We also celebrated Shu Fen and Shu Ling's 21st birthday!!

5C1...this class brought us all together...

2004: Sending Jo Ann off to Canada

2005: BBQ gathering at my house

2005: 5C1 gathering at Megamall's Old Town

2006: 5C1 Gathering at Autocity

Different places...different people...but we all have something in common...we all belong to the lovely family of 2004 5C1!!! Hope that our friendship will last forever~!!!

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