Saturday, September 13, 2008


So fast...I've been here for 1 month already!! Time really flies when we are enjoying ourselves! I can still remember clearly the moment when I received the call from US Embassy telling me that I've been selected for this scholarship...gosh...that was 5 months ago!! Looking back...from months of anticipation...till the moment I boarded the plane and started my UGRAD journey here in US...adapting to the new environment...meeting so many amazing friends...etc...Itz still kinda unbelievable that I'm actually here realising my dream of studying abroad!! I'm really thankful for all the blessings that I've got and I cherish everything that I have now.

Well, I updated my blog a bit late coz I had been spending time preparing for test and quiz last week. The next test will be on the following week so at least I still can relax a lil' this week.

5 Sept 2008 (Friday): Celebrity Party
Over here in US...Friday nite=Party nite...haha!! One of the fraternitites had a 'celebrity party' last week but I didn't go so juz took some photos with my friends since they dressed up so nice...haha!!

6 Sept 2008 (Saturday): Alabama Football Nite
We followed Anna to her grandma's house to watch Alabama football on Saturday nite. It's so nice of her to invite us over...appreciate it...thank you so much, Anna!!

This is how I usually study...see how I multitask...haha!! I'll study in the living room to prevent me from 'multitasking'.

My Japanese homework & quiz...not bad huh!! I got the highest score in class for the pop quiz...hehe!! As for accounting test, I scored 90...could have done better than that...have been relaxing too much.

12 Sept 2008 (Friday): Vietnamese Lunch, Asian Market, Mexican Dinner

Went for lunch with Albert, another Malaysian over here in UAH. Heard that there are only 3 Malaysians over here!! We went to a Vietnamese restaurant (forgot the name)...the food was good and I was eating noodles for the 1st time here...yummy!! :)

Followed Fiona & Michael to another Asian market this some 'familiar' food for myself...yeah!!

Anna offered to bring us to a Mexican restaurant for dinner...she's really a nice roommate!! So 'got heart' layan 2 of us international students...haha!!

Casa Blanca restaurant

The yummi-licious food! O-yishi!!

Thank you Anna!!

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~Live Life~ said...

Hey...its like kindergarten learning how to write...haha...dun be so happy u scored full marks for that...wakaka...

Well, anyway...congrats for getting the highest marks...take it easy...u dun need to get 100 to get A...

It's great to hear that u are realli having fun over careful always...take care...