Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thanksgiving in Orlando

Alrite...I'm back to continue with my updates on my Orlando trip! I have been 'chillaxing' for 2 weeks doing nothing and I know that I've gotta get this update posted before I leave for the East Coast trip next Tuesday...or else everything's gonna pile up! Luckily I found a cool photo software few days ago and it makes combining pictures much easier...I luv it!! :)
It was actually a last minute decision for me to go on this trip because Dr. Ong told me that she's bringing the NESA students there during Thanksgiving and asked if I wanted to go together. Well, initially...I was planning to stay back in Huntsville and go to Anna's house to spend Thanksgiving with American family. But if I missed this trip, I might not have the chance to travel to Orlando before I leave US. I have been to Disneyland & Universal Studios in California in 2006 but I still want to go to DisneyWorld & Universal Studios in Florida for at least once. The tickets were a bit expensive but I don't mind...haha!! Once in a lifetime wat!! :)

Epcot showcases
The trip was from Wed till Sun and my finals started on the Tues after we came back!! I did bring my notes to read during the extremely looooong (15 hours) journey but of course I failed....ended up falling asleep most of the time...ahhh!! 2nd bro was planning to come & visit me during Thanksgiving (for the 1st time since we came in Aug)...and he was lucky so he get to follow us during this trip...haha!
Island of Adventure

I'm not gonna write about the details of this entire journey coz it's gonna be toooo long-winded. In fact, bro already wrote a lottttt on his I decided not to repeat again. I'll juz post some pics...and if ya'll wanna see the bigger pics....juz click on the pic. Overall, it was quite a tiring but fun-filled trip. We spent a day in Disneyworld going to 3 parks...Epcot, Hollywood Studios & Magic Kingdom. We spent the other 2 days at Island of Adventure & Universal Studios...rode most of the thrilling rides in & took all front seats...awesomeeee!!! :) We also woke up at 6am to go for Black Friday shopping...the sales was crazy! We started our days at 8am and 'played' till 12am was quite a 'mission accomplished'....hahahaha!!! ;)

Universal Studios

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