Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Break & Christmas Season in America~!

This is the first time that I am able to use the word 'winter break'...yea...Malaysia is summer throughout the year...hahaha!! I spent more time with Anna & Daniel's family during the past week. I had the chance to help decorate their Christmas tree, wrap presents & bake some peanut butter cookies. It was really fun!!

The 'before' & 'after' of the tree....nice huh!!

Went for lunch with their family at Top O' the River restaurant in Guntersville

Followed Daniel to his nana's house to help her with the email & helped her with some Christmas decorations....had yummy-licious burger for dinner at their house then baked cookies!

1.It has been raining for the past week
2.Went for lunch at a small chinese place
3.Visited bro's fren's (Evan) house by a man-made lake....pretty nice surroundings! usual...I'll clean up my room after exams...and switched my table's position also.
2. The cafeteria is closed....this is just one of the tom yum noodles with brocolli that I prepared.

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