Sunday, January 25, 2009


Happy 牛 Year!! Chinese New Year is different this year coz this is the 
first time that I'm not celebrating it with my family. Usually, CNY is the
time where we get together with family, relatives & friends. And 
basically, it is all about eating, chatting & watching TV...haha!! :) This 
year, our house would be a lil' quiet coz not only bro & I are in US, 2 
of my cousins are also in UK & Australia. 

There isn't any CNY mood here in Huntsville...and there isn't even a 
Chinatown in Alabama...too bad lo! But I'm lucky coz Michael invited 
us to go to his relative's place at Montgomery to celebrate CNY together. 
It was really nice of him to let us who are far from home to 
experience the American way of celebrating CNY.

Korean+Japanese Food?


We departed to Alabaster on Friday night and spent the night at Fiona's 
host family's house. We also met Rachel, her Korean host sister. On 
Saturday, we had lunch at a Korean was good!! After lunch,
we visited Michael's cousin who's studying in UAB and spent the afternoon 
playing video games there. It was fun! 5 of us are all from 5 different 
countries. Michael is an ABC...born in US, Fiona is from Hong Kong, Ivana from Serbia, Rachel from Korea & me. Apart from Ivana, we call ourselves 'Asians'! :)

The 'Rockband'?? So focused ler!!

I realised that Michael's relative owns the chinese buffet restaurant at 
Montgomery only when we got there. They just finished business for 
the day and were getting ready for reunion dinner. Apart from 5 of us, 
Michael's cousin also invited his friends to the dinner. All the 'kids' sat 
together at one table while their family took another table. I was 
amazed by the amount of food that they prepared for us...we had so 
much food that there wasn't enough place on the table to place all the 
food!! We had a total of about 20 different kinds of authentic Fujianese 
delicacy....fuuyoooh!!! Really thanks to their family for such a sumptuous 
dinner and giving me a great CNY in US!!

I've never had so much food in a meal before...geng!!!

Ho Chiak!!

I followed M'sian time to celebrate CNY. I tuned in to 988 to countdown for CNY then chatted with dad, mom, grandma, grandaunt, big bro, aunt & 
cousins via MSN & webcam...haha...this is the benefit of technology!! :)  
That's all for my CNY celebration this year...have to go to class as usual fun...hehe!

'Live telecast' back home...hahaha!!

CNY countdown with internet radio  

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