Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Treasure Your Loved Ones!!

The end is approaching!! I don't really wanna think about it but the countdown that has been goin' on on facebook keeps reminding me about that! 10..9..8...7... Most of my friends will be leavin' in less than a week....what?!?! Are you kidding me?? It seems like it wasn't that long ago since we first met 9 months ago and now itz time to say goodbye?? Itz sad...but the fact is...our amazing UGRAD journey is coming to an end real soon!! :(

Have been busy busy lately coz gotta study for finals and also work on projects these 2 weeks...procrastinating again...this is what happens towards the end of the semester. I keep wanting to update my blog but couldn't get myself to start typing...I admit...I'm not a good writer...that's why I'm in accounting...haha!! :p

Apr 12: Celebrating easter with Anna's family

I've been spending the past few weekends with Anna's family. I haven't really mentioned much about them in my previous posts, but in fact, they've been quite a big part of my life here in the US. As compared to bro, I'm very lucky to have Anna as my roomie. Even though she's younger than me, she's been a great 'host'...taking care of me - this Malaysian since I came here....haha!! :p 

Coming to this foreign land...thousands of miles away from home & family, their family is like my 2nd family here in US. I'm very blessed to get to know their family...Donna, Donny, Daniel, Anna, Pawpaw, Leslie, & Nana...everyone of them have been treating me like part of their family.   

Weekends with the family!! :)

Spending time with American family over the past few months has really gave me the opportunity to understand more about the culture, lifestyle, & family values here. Being an 'outsider' observing the daily life of another family and how others' family communicate with each other is indeed a great learning experience. Be it positive or negative, there's always something to learn...and it also reflects what kind of person I am in my family.

Most people tend to take things for granted...especially when it comes to family. Sometimes, we treat friends nicer than our family...we would rather show our temper to family and not friends. We might have done or said things that we didn't really mean to and hurt the feelings of our family. I admit, I've made the same mistakes too. I'm still learning to be a better person and I believe that change is incremental...coming here has definitely taught me to appreciate what I have now.

One of my friend lost her mom recently and it made me realize how vulnerable life is. I still remember talking to her mom about coming to US few days before I flew over here...itz juz hard to believe that she's gone now. I was chatting with my friend recently and she said that her mom is very proud of us and is very happy that her daughter have us as friends. These words almost made my cry. 

Sometimes, we need to stop for a moment and look back at what we've missed in life. We can't turn back time to change the past and we won't know what's gonna happen tomorrow either...but remember...everyday is an opportunity to make things better...live life without any regrets!! 

"Life's short...treasure your loved ones, do something special, give them a surprise, thank them for what they have done for you and...say I LOVE YOU...before it is too late!!"

Sweet Home Alabama~!!

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