Sunday, August 9, 2009

When we were young...

This was what I did when I was bored studying...spent an entire night editing all these videos. I've posted all these on facebook so I guess most people have seen it. These videos are already 17 years old...OMG!! Think about the technology level back then...this is already considered pretty good! Thanks to mom & dad for taking all these videos when we were kiddos...and thanks to bro for converting them from video tape to vcds.

Since I'm sharing these long long ago vids...I'll share a bit about our kindergarten memories too. Kor kor and I went to Bayan Baru Methodist Kindergarten from age 4-6. Coz we are twins, mom will usually make us dress similar when we go to school. I remembered that I used to dislike going to school for the first few days and would be crying and holding on to mom's leg so that she'll bring me home...hahaha!! In fact, I don't really remember much about studying in kindergarten...most of my memories come from these videos.

Ms Chan was our kindergarten teacher and she was also my piano teacher until I was we had quite a 'long-term relationship'. Hmm...doesn't sound too right huh? Oh...perhaps you might be guessing which one is me. I was the one reading 'HOUSE'...and bro was the one reading 'KEY'. Interestingly, a lot of us went on to be schoolmates and classmates at Kwang Hwa primary, bro, ChinLin, PeiZhi, KianGiap, MingWei, WeiChun, MinKai, Alvin, WeiNeng...etc.
1:32 - 'Excuse me, 'paktor-ing' in class please.'
1:55 - I was actually 'ignoring' the teacher and happily relaxing with my butt facing the teacher...whoops...naughty!! :p
2:32 - Time to do homework. Me writing with left-hand...and I rmb my fish pencil case! I don't know if I was yawning or juz mumbling to myself...hahaha!!

I forgot how many times we had this singing session per week. 2 teachers will demonstrate the actions and we follow as we sing...quite fun huh! We were already taught about 'karaoke' since young...haha!! We were all so adorable huh!!!
0:40 - Dunno why suddenly bro got so excited...stand so high want everyone to see you izit? Who was the one pulling your tiny little yellow tie har? I think he was asking you to sit down...haha...mana tau you squeeze it with your neck pula. :p
1:16 - I think this boy is very cute...but I can't recall who is he.
3:47 - Ehh...ugly lar that xpression...haha!! :p
4:00 - I might be thinking hard...'When can I go home? How many more songs? Why cannot finish one?'
4:40 - Korkor...I know you've been waiting for this part for a long time excited showing your middle finger huh?!?! *head shake*
4:45 - He was trying to fix his fingers coz he didn't know how to show his forth finger and keep the other fingers down...hahaha!

In conjunction with the graduation ceremony and parents' day...we had this annual concert where all classes presented a performance. I only managed to find this video...our performance when we were 5 yrs old...called 'Du Shu Lang' (student). Too bad the quality is a bit inferior...looks like pirated. I think our teacher put 3 of, bro, and PeiZhi in the middle coz we danced better...haha!! *slappp*
As for my performance at the age of 4, I was supposed to hold 2 pom-poms and dance to "O-B-E-Y" song. But the whole performance...the audience only saw "O-B-E"....coz the girl with 'Y' on the front of her shirt was busy looking at her own shadow behind she just showed her butt for the entire became 'O-B-E-butt"...hehe!! :p Guess who was that smart girl??
Another performance during 6-years old was Indian dance. I couldn't find that video also...arghh!! :(

That's all for the time being...will try to find more interesting videos to edit if I have time. Hope y'all will enjoy the videos! :)


Hong CN said...

Cute enough and memorable! Glad you still keep all the video capture well enough :-)

~R3n3e~ said... gd o ur parent take video for u all....haha!funny o...i cant recognise which 1 is u if u dun make any explaination...luckily u did n i can keep laugh laugh laugh! haha!

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