Saturday, March 27, 2010

Eventful March

I'm really racing against time lately...everything sort of came all at once in March. Apart from those that I've mentioned in my last 2 posts, this mth was filled with loads of activities. I'm now feeling the rush of hectic-ness & busy-ness once again after chilling for 9 months. Final exam is in 2 weeks' time...oh no...I'm in trouble!! =.=
March 15 (Mon): Meeting with Ms Nalinee Cain & other returnees at MACEE

Being stupid in class...haha!

March 23 (Tues): Financial Decision Making - Zubinos Presentation
Spent a whole lot of time working on this assignment but really learned a great deal from Mr Wong in this class. This assignment helped a lot for my case study challenge...but completing 2 powerpoint slides within a week wasn't fun. Luckily we didn't have to do all those unnecessary things like apron, biz card, "Z" cups, coffee, etc...which doesn't relate to our role as a consultant at all. Mr Wong would have scolded us if we did all these crap...haha!


Presentation Day

This kinda explains the reason for our outfit...except J's grey shirt.

My 'super' group mates...was great working with 'em! =)

Class photo with Mr Wong...everyone looked GREATT!! =)

March 23 (Tues): Group 6 Class Gathering @ Chilis, KLCC
First & probably the last class gathering for us...we'll be graduating real soon! Some pics of our entourage 'crashing' Chilis.

Another class photo

March 23 (Tues): Jon jon's Belated B'day celebration @ Chilis, Midvalley
We did all these within a day...lecture, FDM presentation, class gathering, & this. Had Chilis for lunch & dinner...juz different locations. As usual, I was bloated with the amount of food they served.

'Babysitters' & the kiddos

March 26 (Fri): Meeting with Boston Uni Malaysia Alumni President @ Kelantan Delights
Mr Juhaidi arranged this meeting for us (UGRAD & YES alumni) to meet up with Mr TC Tan. We discussed about networking, future alumni activities, etc...and had yummy-licious food...hehe! =)

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