Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The title says it all. Yup...received a good news this morning that made my day! Was waken up by Josh's phone call around 11 this morning asking if i've checked my results online...half awake told him that I'll check later...then quickly got out of bed, took a shower and got online. Opened college website...clicked on 'College April Examination Results 2009/2010', keyed in my student number and password then waited for few nerve-wracking...didn't know what would pop up next...then...


Yea...I was indeed very surprised!! I wasn't expecting all As for advanced diploma at all since 3 years I've learned a lesson from last semester...better not have any expectations...good things come when you least expect it! :p I was just hoping to get my cgpa over 3.6...anything higher than that was a bonus. =) A sincere thanks to all lecturers for all their guidance.

I'm glad that my final semester in college had been totally awesome...did quite a lot of stuff & cherished my college life to the fullest. Definitely a wonderful ending for 5 years of college life! =)

Alrite...time to get back to studies. This result doesn't mean that I can pass better focus and study harder now...less than 3 weeks to go...ahhh! =.=


Vivien~❤ said...

Congrat =)

tansoup1020 said...

Wow... congrates... Good luck for yr ACCA... Two thumbs up for u... haha~