Thursday, May 13, 2010


I've been back home for almost 2 weeks now. Finally done with college life in KL and moved back home...yeah!=) I'm done with college exams...but still gotta study & prepare for the tougher and more important ACCA exam in June...ahhh...why do we have to be studying all the time! :( I've been TRYING to study for the past 2 weeks but I'm still mood lar! Plus...the weather is always so hottt...makes me sleepy all the time! =.= Here are some pics of what I've been up to lately...

Our 'refuge' area in the living room after emptying everything from my room.

Dad came down to drive back with me

A year ago..moved back from US. Now..moved back from KL. I've been doing the same thing annually since 2007...guess I can turn 'pro' already...haha!

May 8 (Sat): Photoshoot Session
Bro & I followed this couple to 'kaypo' at their wedding photoshoot session. Went to this hidden beach that I never knew existed. We actually wanted to take video and pictures but ended up with some 'kelefe' work...pump and tie the balloons & throw the balloons. It was fun though...luckily the weather was nice that day. :)

Waiting for them to make up and dress up

The photoshoot site

We always see the nice professional photos only...but here are some behind-the-scenes sneak peak.

Siao kia with the balloons & that crazy hat...omg!

On our way to family photoshoot session at the studio...4 ppl squeezing at the backseat+balloons+clothes...proves we're skinny? Haha!! *slap*

May 9 (Sun): Mother's Day

Had 8-course lunch at CRC to celebrate the day for 3 moms!

My creation for this year's Mommy's Day. If I flip over those flowers, they are actually 'coupons' that we made specially for mom to redeem. :)

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