Friday, December 3, 2010

Cherating Weekend

Nov 13-14 (Sat & Sun): Alumni Community Weekend at Legend Hotel, Cherating
Actually, it was our college's convocation that weekend but I didn't plan to attend so was quite free especially since bro's wedding was over. So made this last minute decision to attend this event organized by the Malaysian-American Alumni Partnership. Basically, I was just busy traveling and tumpang-ing others' car everywhere all weekend. :p Rae was scolding me for not attending the convo with her so I decided to make a detour to KL to meet up with the gang and also drop by for a convo pic. =) Btw, I almost lost all these pics coz my netbook's hard disc decided to die before I managed to backup...luckily bro helped me to recover...phew!

Reunion of the 'Super' gang. =)

Glad that I made it there early to take this pic with the 3 of them before the ceremony  then quickly rushed all the way to Taman Bahagia to tumpang Alan's car to Cherating. =) 

Finally arrived Legend Hotel together with the UGRADers after 4 hours journey.

The event was a good opportunity to meet up and network with alumni from other exchange programs.

Time for alumni to meet the Click Camp participants. Had a good chat with Jim and some Fulbrighters during tea break...Jim's 'monkey vs laser' story was hilarious!

Cherating is famous for its beach and we were supposed to have an activity on the beach...but look at the could see the rain coming. =.=

Thanks to the rain...all the alumni met up with our community activities group in the ballroom instead.

Networking session and dinner for the alumni. US Ambassador Jones was also there for the event.

All the students and alumni members were split to several groups to go for different community activities. I chose to teach English at a nearby wasn't an easy task. These kids come from kampungs so didn't really get much chance to learn I had one hearing and speech impaired girl in my group so it was quite a good learning experience for me. Another good reminder of how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to learn so many things since young. 'Appreciate what you have coz there are people out there without it.' 

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