Friday, February 4, 2011

Posh in Phuket

Happy CNY!! Haven't been able to blog much lately coz i've been really busy with work for the past 2 weeks. Audit is really a no-life job...been working throughout the weekends and getting off work after 12am everyday. Feels like you start losing your life when you start making money...kinda sad huh. :p I'm trying to keep my life alive by doing what I enjoy...blogging...hehe! :p But it's gonna take me forever to upload all my travel pics coz I hardly had time to work on it. Anyway, here's our next destination after Bangkok...Phuket!

Even though this was my 2nd trip to Phuket, it was quite different from the first trip in 2008 with my family. :p Main reason...I wasn't the one who made the ground arrangement...haha!! For this whole trip, I was in charge of booking the flights and I let him make the ground arrangements. Phuket was a big surprise because I had no idea that he booked this posh villa...very thoughtful and sweet of him but I was shocked when I found out how much he spent for this. Anyway, thanks bby!

Dec 13 (Mon): Bangkok-Phuket

Took a cab to Bangkok Suvarnabumi airport early in the morning to catch our flight to Phuket.

Bye Bangkok...Hello Phuket!

Our luxury triple pool access villa...The Baray Villa @ Sawasdee Village...niceeee~~!! 

Checking in. 

Had Thai food for lunch before exploring the hotel.

Nice nature-themed surrounding.

Living room on the ground floor. Cool interior design with in-villa jacuzzi connected to private garden pool. 

View from the private garden pool.

Bedroom on the upper floor. Arabian and Thai style design.

42" LCD TV with Mac Mini, wireless keyboard & wireless mouse.

Main pool for all 14 villas...the Oasis bar at one end. Very nice pool but the water was kinda cold.

The design of this pool is inspired from the word "Baray"...means the Man made Canal. All 14 villas will be on the canal likewise the rich community in the small luxurious water village. :)

Night view around the hotel.

Exclusive entrance to the 14 villas. :p

Dec 14 (Tues): Kata Beach

Daily buffet breakfast in the hotel.

Could have taken the free shuttle from our hotel but we decided to walk to the beach instead. 

The beach!!! Kata beach was much nicer than Patong beach and it was pretty crowded with lotsa angmohs. I found out a way to differentiate Europeans and Americans...Americans-surfer pants,! 

Dec 15 (Wed): Phi Phi Island Hopping
Even though I've already been on this island hopping tour before...we decided to go for it again this time around coz I knew this would be something different for him. The weather was burning hot for the entire day...good for him coz he wanted to get a tan but not so good for me coz I became 'Khai the Thai'. =.=

We were the first to be picked up and it took us about 2 hours to get to the port coz all the other people were late...dumb dumb. 

Traveled on the speedboat throughout the tour.

Approaching our first destination...Maya Bay.

Maya Bay still pretty like 2 years ago. =)

Most of the tourists were ang mohs. I guess they're all here to escape the freezing weather.

Love the sea color. =)

Clear waters for snorkeling.

Pit-stop for lunch.

My island...Khai Island. :p

Sleepy stamina. :p

He was worn out after one whole day of sun tanning. What's worse...punctured tire on our way back...had to wait beside the street while the driver changed the spare one.

Western food for dinner after a long tiring day under the hot sun.

Dec 16 (Thurs): Chillax day
Was supposed to have a phone interview that day but was postponed so had the whole day to relax and utilize the facilities in the hotel. :p

His food vs my food...haha! :p

Food again. :p

Dec 17 (Fri): Last day in paradise

Last breakfast at the Baray Villa.

Lucky only started to rain as we were leaving Phuket. 

Gameboy...nerd. So focused on his game that he didn't even know that I was taking this.

Dinner with family at Double Good restaurant after coming back from Phuket.

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