Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August Feasta!

August seemed to be quite a happening month...lotsa occasions to feast and get-together with family & friends. =) Work & life have been pretty well-balanced these 2 months...#iloveoffpeak! 

July 31 (Sun): Dad's birthday @ CRC Restaurant

Aug 17 (Wed): Grandma & my birthday @ Double Good Restaurant (Almost forgot bout my bday) :p

Aug 18 (Thurs): Celebrated my birthday with colleagues @ Harvest In Cafe

Aug 20 (Sat): Lunch with relatives @ Stone Bay Restaurant (Thanks 二姑姐 & 二姑丈 for the treat!)

Aug 20 (Sat): Dinner with AXN Big Challenge supporters @ Corner's Club Restaurant :p

Aug 26 (Fri): Dinner with maternal relatives @ Green Wellesley Restaurant 

Aug 27 (Sat): Celebrated Jiin Herng's birthday with colleagues @ The Sun

Aug 28 (Sun): Jap & Thai buffet dinner @ Cititel Penang. Used the 2 vouchers that we won for the 'Most Talented Twins' contest. :p

Aug 31 (Wed): Big bro's birthday @ Pinang Fisherman Wharf

More pics with the birthday 'boy'. :p

Seems like I've been eating a lil' too much lately. :p Luckily I've got badminton & netball practice (to prepare for inter-firm games) to keep me fit...lol! Thumbs up to healthy lifestyle! =)

As for work, it's offpeak so we've been attending courses with other new joiners. 

Was blog-surfing & found this interesting "note" about the recent UK riots here...lol!!

Oh btw, I'm finally done with THE exam...a lil' slower than my peers due to several reasons but i'm glad that it's all over...slowly but surely. =)

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