Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thank You 2011, Hello 2012!

Happy New Year 2012!! Time flies...another year just flew by! It's the time of the year again to do a recap of the past year. I'm a lil' behind schedule coz I was in Shanghai for New Year and blogspot is blocked in China. =.= Will update more about my Shanghai trip in the next post. Anyway, I'm really blessed and grateful for a great ending of 2011 and a great start for 2012.

2011 NYE's countdown in Singapore. 2012 NYE's countdown in Shanghai. =) #blessed

Well, 2011 turned out to be better than I expected...was expecting work life as an auditor to be dull but I realized it's really up to ourselves to make our life more interesting. Took me about half year to settle in but second half of the year was pretty awesome. :)

Graduated and started work right at the beginning of the peak period. Having back-to-back engagements for almost 5 months was pretty exhausting but learned quite a lot. Also glad to have a bunch of great comrades/batch-mates/friends. =) 

Started off the second half of the year with a blast!! =) Peak was over and I was finally done with my exam so decided to do something fun. Teamed up with bro to take part in the AXN Big Challenge and surprisingly won the grand prize...amazing experience! 

As part of my resolution to keep life interesting, I took some time off work and travelled to Hanoi, Vietnam. Very grateful to be hosted by my lovely Vietnamese friends, VietAnh & Hang. =)

Also had the chance to travel to Sabah with my whole family and hiked Mt Kinabalu. :)

Second half of the year, I was recruited into the Dell regional team. This is a long-term engagement that not many people wanna work on but as I mentioned before, to be happy or sad, it's all about your own perspective and how you choose to look at a situation. Honestly, I think being in this team ain't too bad after all...another way of putting's a blessing in disguise. :p Had the chance to travel to Singapore for training, seniors are very helpful, manager is pretty cool, work load is manageable, and also had the chance to travel to Shanghai for stock count. Things may get a lil' tensed and stressful as we start our peak period but I'll try my best to stay positive . =)

Work-life had been pretty balance as there were more activities in the firm. Took part in inter-firm games, organized a dayout for our firm, and went to Phuket for our annual trip.

Still kept myself active in the UGRAD alumni and volunteered at least once this year. :p

That's all for now...hope that 2012 will be another GREAT year ahead!! Who cares if 2012 will be the end of the world...just live life to the fullest everyday!! Cheers!!

Quote to share: Another fresh new year is here...another year to live!! To banish worry, doubt, and fear; to love and laugh and give.

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