Saturday, September 1, 2012

Amazing Journey - Yangcheng, Shanxi (山西阳城)

Leg 1: The Bund, Shanghai (上海外滩) → Yangcheng, Shanxi (山西阳城)

Colourful start for the race @The Bund, Shanghai

Searched through hundreds of flags to find the ancient Kangxi character "1".

Shanghai → Yangcheng, Shanxi

Searched for missing piece of dragon mural @ House of Chancellor (Huang Cheng Xiang Fu)

Han Boat challenge @ Shangzhuang village (上庄村)

Roadblock: Build a bamboo swing @ Manghe Scenic Area (蟒河风景区)

Pit stop @ Drinking Horse Spring (饮马泉).

Result for the 1st leg.

Monkey Mountain (猴山)

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