Friday, March 8, 2013

All Work No Play February

It's now March already and it seems like the month of February just flew by in the blink of an eye!! The past few weeks have been all work and no play just to make sure that we complete all our work in time. After working on this project for 8 months and working consecutively for the past 21 days with no weekends, it's a wrap on Tuesday evening and we're finally DONE (for now)...pheww!! 

Our peak started right after Chinese New Year and I haven't had time to update about CNY 2013 so here's a quick update. I had my ipad most of the time but somehow I took very very little photos this time. =P

Feb 9 (Sat): Reunion dinner with maternal relatives at Vistana Hotel.

Pictures pictures!! This year we're missing 2 cousins...both in Taiwan.

CNY = Lotsa gatheringssss

Honestly, I have absolutely no complaints about my job. Auditors are known to have no life but I'm fortunate that I'm still able to strike a good balance between work and life because of this job. Besides, working late for 3 weeks out of an entire year really ain't bad at all. This year's work load was slightly more than last year but having a good manager definitely made all the difference. How often do we get to work with managers who say 'thank you' every time we work late or over the weekends? This is something that we rarely see in an Asian working environment. A little appreciation definitely does go a long way. =) Good teammates, good managers, helpful clients, manageable work load...whatelse can I ask for...always reminding myself to count my blessings and never take anything for granted. 

Good food to reward ourselves at our very own 'pantry'/ lunch room in the office. =P I even brought my cool mini-fridge to light up our weekends...haha!!

Finally received our own DVD!!! Thanks ICS for sending this to us all the way from Shanghai to Malaysia!! Too bad the box is damaged but luckily the discs are still fine.

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