Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Dearest Ah Ma!!

28 July 2013 (Sunday): Grandma's Pre-Birthday Celebration @ Ming Garden Restaurant

Whoopsie...I'm falling behind with my updates. That's what happens when you go on a vacation and return with a pile of work waiting for you to complete. =.= Hopefully I'll get some effective blogging done over this long weekend. =P 

Mom and her 2 sisters planned this b'day celebration for grandma a few months back. Grandma's birthday actually falls on Aug 2 but we decided to celebrate her birthday one week in advance to accommodate everyone's schedule. Coincidentally, my 2 younger cousins came back from Taiwan for summer break so the timing was perfect. Both my aunts' families also traveled back to Penang for this luncheon. =) The last time we threw a big b'day party for grandma was 4 years ago so it was good to get everyone together again to celebrate grandma's 84th birthday!   

Happy 84th Birthday Ah Ma!!! Stay healthy and happy!! =)

Mom arranged for a photoshoot session at a photo studio and that explains why we were all dressed up in traditional outfit. 

We weren't supposed to take pics in the studio but I was 'pro' enough to snap these pics without being!! 

We've only got the hardcopy of these pics so here are some of the not-so-clear pics that I took with my camera. 

Last but not least...this interesting photo...1999 vs 2013. =P

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