Sunday, September 22, 2013

Beijing 2.0

5-12 September 2013: Beijing Business Trip
Entering my third year on this job, I've been very fortunate to be given the opportunity to travel overseas for work...this time my destination was Beijing. This was my second trip to Beijing this year coz I didn't know that I would be traveling to Beijing this year for work. Since I've done most of the sightseeing during my visit with bro earlier this year, this trip was mainly just for work. 

Took an overnight flight and arrived Beijing early in the morning. Not a good idea to take an overnight flight and having to work on the next day, I was a zombie at work. =P

Glad that I chose to stay at Crowne Plaza Chaoyang U-Town, which was just right behind our office and connected to a shopping mall. Being able to reach the office within 5 minutes of walking was awesome. =)

My crib for 7 nights...nice & comfortable room!! =)

Spoilt for choice with the wide variety of food to choose for breakfast.

Spent my Saturday morning exploring Shi Cha Hai of the attraction that I missed during my last trip. This place is said to be the most romantic and historic place in Beijing. And guess what...Running Man brought me!! 

Yes I admit I'm a big fan of Running Man. =P

Spent about an hour walking around the lake going through Lotus Market, Yinding Bridge, and the hutong in Yandai Byway...all these places were featured in ep 61 of Running Man. =P 

Yan Dai Xie Jie (Skewed Tabacco Pouch Street) is a narrow street winding its way from the Drum Tower to the Yinding Bridge of Shichahai. It's a road you experience Beijing's old traditions, a place crowded with thousands of locals and tourists where you can find stores with distinctive goods along the streets. Thanks to RM for the description...haha!! 

Sunday was a stay-in day for work and the pollution out there was pretty bad. 

The must-have in Beijing...Peking Duck!! Instead of the famous Dadong Restaurant, we went to Peking Duck Private Kitchen coz the review on trip advisor was pretty good. Indeed, it didn't disappoint us and the price was much cheaper than Dadong. =)

The overnight flight back from Beijing to KL was delayed for an hour causing me to rush like mad from KLIA to LCCT within half an hour to catch my next flight to Tawau. 

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