Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1314 一生一世

Happy New Year 2014!!! I've finally had time to take a breather after running around for the wedding all December. Time for a quick recap of the past year. Personally, I think that 2013 continued to ride on the 'Amazing' wave of 2012 to be a great year, no Amazing Race but extraordinary in a different way.

Jan: Kick-started my cuti-cuti-China year with a trip to Beijing for leisure with bro followed by Shanghai for work. 

Feb - May: First half of the year was all work and no play but it's all worth it to know that all the hard work is being appreciated. Good colleagues, good bosses, reasonable workload, work-life balance...whatelse can I ask for. =P

June: 2nd China trip of the year...a week-long trip to Nanning, Guilin, and Yangshuo with mom & dad.

July: 3rd China trip of the year...10-days trip to Yunnan province. Visited Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-la, and Kunming with mom & dad. 

Sept: 4th China trip of the year...week-long trip to Beijing for work followed by a family trip to Sabah. 

Oct: Traveled to Bangalore, India for work. 

 Nov: 5th China trip of the year...traveled to Suzhou for work. Very thankful for all the opportunities to travel overseas for work this year. =)

Dec: The BIG month...officially Mrs. Clements. =P Will share more about the wedding in the next few posts.

That's all for now. Lots of things for me to blog about the wedding...gonna take some time. Anyway, 2013 had been great and I'm looking forward to 2014 as I step into a new chapter of life (kinda). =P

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Diana Diane Teo said...

Congratulation to you. I saw Wey Shin's photos in Facebook and you are so beautiful. =)