Friday, May 9, 2014

Uneventful Updates

It's already May and I've been very unproductive in terms of and laziness are to be blamed. =P Feb-Apr had been kinda uneventful but the past few weeks had been pretty crazy with too much going on. I'm now working on some blog updates but at the meantime, just a quick one on some 'highlights' during the uneventful months.

Mar 8 (Sat): My dear friend's DREAM wedding. I was fortunate to be one of her bridesmaid and it was kinda surreal that she's finally married!! She's been telling us about her dream of getting married since we first got to know each other 5 years!!! =P 

April 10 (Thurs): D-team dinner at Kirishima restaurant to celebrate our hard work for the past year. It's been 3 good years for me on this team and I'm absolutely thankful and content for that.

April 13 (Sat): CRC annual dinner at Ming Garden. Great dinner with family and we were lucky to get a Surface tablet from the lucky draw. But, it makes me sad lookin' at this photo now, all I can say is cherish your loved ones while you still can. =(

Aight that's it for now. I'm working on 2 long post ahead. Hopefully I can get it done by this weekend. 

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