Thursday, February 26, 2015

Nothing but Work, Eat, Sleep

I'm back with some updates...finally!! The past few weeks had been nothing but work, eat, and (lack of) sleep...the exact same routine for 7 consecutive weeks. Been putting my life on hold with the see-saw entirely on the 'work' side. Glad that work has finally wrapped up (sorta kinda) and it's now time to bring my life back to balance. =P 

EAT: Of the 3 activities mentioned above, 'eat' was probably the only exciting thing that deserved some photos so please bear with the many food pictures in this post. 

The one good thing about working late is getting to eattake-out at a lot of restaurants here, something I rarely do. :P For my future references, I'm gonna try to list down all the restaurants I've tried: PF Chang's China Bistro, Connor's Steak & Seafood, Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, Moe's Bbq, Panera Bread, Nothing But Noodles, Rosie's Mexican Cantina, Commerce Kitchen, West End Grill, Papou's Greek Cuisin, Grille 29, Terranova's Italian, Asian Rim, Chili's, Newk's, Phil Sandoval's Mexican Restaurant, and Zoës Kitchen. =)

On top of all the good dinners during the weekdays, we took turns to decide where to eat-out one day each week for our date lunch/dinner. =)
Jan 17 and Feb 21 (Sat): Bahn mi and bubble tea at Viet Sandwich.
Jan 24 (Sat): Steak Out
Jan 30 (Fri): Beef noodle soup, grilled pork over vermicelli, and Kirin at Saigon Restaurant.
Jan 31 (Sat): Chicken burrito bowl at Chipotle Mexican Grill.
Feb 7 (Sat): Milkshake and slushy from Sonic.

Weekend is time to be lazy...that means it's either leftovers or pasta...haha!! 

Well not really all lazy during the weekends coz I still keep up with my routine of cooking for the week...for our lunches and hubby's dinners.

WORK: Even though work was kinda boring, it's still worth some space on this post since that was pretty much all I did for the past 7 weeks! :P

Jan 23 (Sat): Drove 2 hours up to Nashville and met up with Ali coz he was there for work. It was a great catch-up and it's interesting how we both ended up working in the US at the same time. Pretty snowy scenery on my drive back to Huntsville. =)

Been 'camping out' at the office and making myself at home since I spent significantly more hours at work than at home. Our snack drawer (those Chips Ahoy was mostly eaten by me), my extremely messy table during crunch time, and the heat pad that came in very handy to keep me warm.

Got this new portable monitor from work...pretty cool. =)

Busy season goodies and gift card from the firm. =)

In the midst of this work craziness, there's always time for the loved ones and some fun times. 

Feb 13 (Fri): Celebrated V-day one day earlier with dinner at Applebee's and presents for our upcoming adventures. =) Kinda hard to believe that this was our 2nd V-day together in 7 years!

Feb 18 (Wed): Woke up at 6am for a skype reunion with the family back home. I managed to get myself into the family!! While everyone was having abalone, salmon, wine and lotsa food for dinner, I had bread and milk for breakfast...hahaha!! 

Feb 20 (Fri): We hardly get any snow in the South but when it does snow, traffic goes crazy so we had to leave work earlier before the road closes. It was fun seeing snow but I was nervous on my drive home coz it was my first experience driving on slippery ice and it wasn't fun not having full control of the car. Fortunately, I made it safe back home. =)

We got even more snow yesterday...enough of snow to build a snowman and not having to go to work. I'll share the photos in the next post. =)

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